2024 CDOIQ Symposium

We are pleased to announce that the 2024 CDOIQ Symposium Agenda is now available at https://cdoiq2024.org/ As always, we truly have an outstanding lineup of seasoned experts and speakers in the industry, as well as valued partners.

Perfect time to be part of the 2024 data leadership symposium! More than 200 delegates have already registered. Contact [email protected] for discounts.


Thoughtworks: SuperTech leaders and the evolution of technology and data leadership

Discover how technology and data leadership are evolving 

and how to effectively integrate these roles into your own organization

The proliferation of Chief and C-level roles since the 1980s has led to an overwhelming array of acronyms and combinations. Today we have Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Data Officers and Chief AI Officers, to name a few.  According to a study of data and tech leaders commissioned by Tom Davenport (represented by Leading Thoughts, LLC) and Thoughtworks, 81% of respondents said people in their organizations only understand the roles of different technology-oriented groups either somewhat, or not at all. Yet 78% of organizations view the resources of information, technology, analytics/AI and digital as important. Some organizations have started to recognize the confusion these titles are causing among their teams, and have begun consolidating senior roles in technology and data into what we’re calling SuperTech leaders.


In addition, as 80% of organizations implement – or plan to implement – data products in the near future, it’s time to define a clearer scope for data governance within the wider business. Download the full report to understand existing technology and data roles, how they’re evolving, and how you can effectively integrate them into your own organization - without the added complexity.


A Knowledge Hub for the Federal Data Community

A new information resource for the federal data community was launched just before the 2023 CDOIQ Symposium: govCDOiq.org is a public-service knowledge and engagement hub to accelerate success for Federal CDOs and their leadership teams. 

The site curates news and information from a variety of sources to create awareness and understanding of federal data trends, technologies, legislation, best practices, and agency leadership changes and career opportunities. The govCDOiq blog offers original insights from industry thought leaders on a variety of topics. govCDOiq.org is partnering with the CDOIQ Program to highlight information from the public service track and other relevant topics at the 2024 CDOIQ Symposium in July. 

Everyone who works in (or with) a federal data program can follow govCDOiq on LinkedIn (https://linkedin.com/company/govcdoiq) to stay informed on many related topics

2024 DataIQ 100 Summit in Miami –

Exclusive CDOIQ discount!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with DataIQ at the 2024 DataIQ 100 Summit in Miami, an exclusive event gathering the leading minds in data and AI. Taking place on May 20-22, 2024, the Summit offers a unique opportunity to: Gain insights on the opportunities and threats around AI from keynotes and panelists, including:

  • Diana Schildhouse, Chief Analytics and Insights Officer, Colgate Palmolive
  • Deepak Jose, Global Head and Senior Director of one Demand Data and Analytics Solutions, Mars Wrigley
  • Ellen Nielsen, Chief Data Officer, Chevron
  • For a full list of speakers, check out the agenda here: 2024 DataIQ Summit Miami Agenda - DataIQ

Attend the DataIQ AI Awards dinner & gala – Nominate your company and partners here! The deadline is March 22nd. This is a great opportunity to gain visibility and recognition for your company and/or your clients. Network with peers – Connect and collaborate through networking opportunities and roundtable discussions. Take advantage of the exclusive offer to our community!

  • For c-suite brand-side data leaders: a 50% discount on your registration! Simply use the code DATAIQ24CDOIQ at checkout.

Questions about DataIQ and/or the DataIQ 100 Summit? Reach out to Susan Feigenbaum at [email protected] or +1 917-258-7063


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