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Guest Rooms at Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hotel for the 18th Annual CDOIQ Symposium are now available for reservations, limited to 300 rooms only. Please do reserve at your earliest convenience to secure your room. 


Survey: GenAI Is Making Companies More Data Oriented

By Thomas H. Davenport and Randy Bean


Generative AI was the tech story of 2023. But what — if any — real impact did it have on companies? Despite the hype around this technology, most organizations are still in relatively early phases of figuring out how it can create real value for them. Still, according to new survey results, it seems generative AI might be having a surprisingly effect on culture. Specifically, respondents reported significant improvements in whether they had established an internal data and analytics culture — a question that has produced stubbornly low numbers in recent years. We believe that experiments with generative AI played a meaningful role in moving those numbers.


Commencement of the CDO Certification Program's First Cohort

Our CDO Certification Program's first cohort, led by Mark Ramsey, Ph.D. in the Data Strategy Module, had a fantastic kickoff last January 9, 2024. Big thanks to all the participants and the operations team for making it a success!

If you are interested, please contact [email protected].

Incept Session: Featured speakers for the upcoming 18th Annual CDOIQ Symposium


Mark Larocque, Chief Operating Officer

Sourabh Arora, President


The effective management and utilization of data assets are paramount for business success today. Join Incept Data Solutions at CDOIQ in July 2024 in exploring how data marketplaces bridge the gap between data supply and demand, providing organizations with the tools to harness the full potential of their data. Discover how these platforms not only enhance data accessibility but also ensure data quality, enabling data-driven decision-making at scale. This 45-minute presentation delves into the transformative power of data marketplaces, with a keen focus on the dissemination of data products and the curation of quality datasets.

Incept will delve into real-world examples, discussing how leading organizations are leveraging data marketplaces to drive innovation, maximize ROI, and establish robust data governance practices. Furthermore, we'll explore emerging trends that are shaping the future of data marketplaces.

Whether you are new to the concept or looking to refine your data strategy, this session promises valuable insights into how data marketplaces can elevate your data game, from data chaos to data excellence.

2024 Data & AI Leadership Executive Survey Published:

The 12th Annual Survey of Fortune 1000 and Global Data & AI Leaders

The 2024 edition of the Data and Al Leadership Executive Survey is now published!

This year, 95.3% of survey participants held a C-suite title or were their company's corporate head of data and Al responsibilities, with 89.8% holding the title of Chief Data Officer (CDO) or Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO) within their organization. These executives held their positions during 2023 at over 100 Fortune 1000 and Global data leadership organizations.

This represents the 12th annual edition of the survey, which was first published in 2012. The Data and Al Executive Leadership Survey has evolved over the past dozen years and is now widely recognized as the longest running survey of Fortune 1000 and global data, analytics, and Al leaders. Please click here to read more.


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