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The California Dictionary Project has closed its doors as of June 15, 2012. We are pleased to have provided over 250,000 California third-graders one of the most valuable tools for reading, a dictionary.


California Dictionary Project, founded in April 2002, grew out of the need to improve literacy rates in California's public schools. We believed that by reaching children early (third grade), providing them with tools (dictionaries), personalizing the delivery (volunteers from the local community), and teaching them how to use those tools (presentations and teacher lesson plans), we would grow "readers." By giving students access to language and ideas, we have given them access to alternatives that can affect the course of their lives.  


Due to your generous donations, continued support, and letters of appreciation, we believe we were able to do just that.  


You can continue promoting our efforts through your local organizations or through The Dictionary Project.  


Website for the National Dictionary Project: 

We thank you for supporting our mission these past 10 years.

With gratitude,
California Dictionary Project Board


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