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August 2017

A Note from Jay
Still inspired by Mary Lou 
Shortly after being hired to serve as Executive Director of the CDP, I received a call from Mary Lou Petitt-a driving force behind the founding of this great organization back in 1992.
She was calling to congratulate me on my new position and wish me much success. Then she spent the next ten minutes telling me all the things I needed to be working on!
Mary Lou Pettit
Anyone who knew Mary Lou would not be surprised by her direct approach.  She was a passionate advocate, committed to improving the lives of those in need, and speaking out against injustice.

Mary Lou passed away on July 31 at the age of 90, surrounded by her family at her home in Eastham. Since then, I have been reflecting on how the opportunity to work with her made my life richer.
I visited Mary Lou on Valentines Day this year. Her strength was waning, but she was in full possession of her ideas. During our visit, she reminded me of the need for affordable housing on Cape Cod-an issue she was passionate about. She had spoken out in favor of the CDP's plan for a new project in Eastham.
That day, I shared with her our plans to launch a new public education and community organizing effort designed to build support for affordable housing --- the Cape Community Housing Partnership. 
She was thrilled to see us embark on this effort. I hope you will read all about it below.
We missed Mary Lou's presence at our 25th Anniversary Celebration last week. But I'm confident her spirit will inspire us to be creative and committed in our work on housing and in all that we do.

With thanks for your interest and support,

Jay - short
A Summer Evening Success Story
Over 150 people gathered at Halcyon Farm in Brewster on August 23 for the CDP's Annual Summer Evening on the Farm event. It was our 25th anniversary, and our biggest summer party ever.
It was special in another way, too. That night people came together not just to celebrate the past, but to invest in the future.

We are always eager to share our work with you at this event. This year, though, we brought some worries with us, too.
We had been watching funding from the State of Massachusetts decline due to budget pressures. In 2016, we received $100,000 from the State. This year we expect to receive only $30,000. We knew our work with small businesses would be significantly compromised by that funding cut.

That night at the farm, former State Senator Dan Wolf stepped up as auctioneer to solicit contributions in support of our small business training, technical assistance and lending programs. Gail and David Oppenheim kicked off the bidding by making a gift of $10,000. In just fifteen minutes, forty guests contributed a total of $118,500 in gifts ranging from $15,000 to $100.
We were-and are-moved to see such a generous response from all who were gathered there. Thank you for your investment in our work and in the Lower Cape community. 

Cape Housing Institute
Part One for Town Officials, Launches in October 

Town officials who are working on housing issues in our Lower Cape towns will have an extraordinary opportunity to learn and problem-solve together at the Cape Housing Institute this fall.
We are deep into the planning of the Institute with our partners at the Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC). What's shaping up is a well-structured series of six workshops that will help decision-makers create more comprehensive housing strategies.
The curriculum starts with an introduction to housing issues, needs assessments, and planning. Then it delves into the nitty-gritty including zoning, financing, and fair housing laws. Besides expanding participants' knowledge and skills, the Institute will prepare leaders to develop effective action plans within each of their towns.
"We have been thrilled to see so much interest in the Institute-starting the day we announced it at the One Cape Summit in June," says Andrea Aldana, Director of our housing advocacy programs.

Find out how to encourage your town decision-makers to participate. 

And sign up here to follow the work of the Institute, even if you're not a municipal official.
Cape Cod Kombucha 
Juicing Up a Local Favorite

Molly Hayman and Amy Costa had been brewing their own kombucha and sharing it with family and friends for about a year when they began to realize they had a small business on their hands.
They launched Cape Cod Kombucha in 2016, and now, in their second summer at the Wellfleet Farmers' Market, they sell out early every week.
"In our first year, we spent a lot of time educating people about kombucha," says Molly, whose marketing background has served them well on that front.
The rituals of making and drinking this slightly fermented tea are part tradition --- its origins are in ancient China, where it was used as a tonic --- and part modern-day quest for probiotic power.
"We don't do so much educating anymore --- now we're too busy selling," Molly adds. Today, more people know about kombucha, and last year's curious customers are regulars.
When they came to the CDP, Molly and Amy told us they were working as hard as they could but struggling to keep up with demand. They knew they needed to grow.

Solar Savings
Starting a Cycle of Sustainability

There are over 420 solar panels installed on nine affordable homes owned by the CDP. Sometimes people ask us if they really produce significant energy --- are they worth it? The answer is yes, they are. Maybe even more so than we initially calculated.
We just surpassed the $100,000 mark in income produced by our solar panels.
What we didn't anticipate was the way our experiment in solar put us on the path to living out our commitment to sustainability in other ways.

Upcoming and Ongoing
The Massachusetts Rural Policy Advisory Commission 
On September 8 th , the Massachusetts Rural Policy Advisory Commission will hold a meeting at the Community Center in Truro from 11:30 to 1:00.
The meeting is open to the public.
We will be there. CDP Executive Director Jay Coburn is a member of the 15 member Commission that was formed in 2016 to advise state officials and the legislature on issues effecting rural towns in the Commonwealth.
Connecting local business owners: peer-to-peer mentoring 
We're proud to announce a new series for small business owners. We've planned it based on what we learned from you through our spring survey: owning a small business can be isolating. Yet owners know there's so much to be learned from each other. 

You suggested that what is needed is a collaborative environment for connecting-and one that is available on a steady schedule.
Starting in October, on the second Tuesday of each month, we'll host Connect and Grow sessions here in the CDP's conference room. These monthly meetings will bring local business owners together to share experiences, challenges, and wisdom. Think of this as an opportunity to step back from problems that seem all-consuming and find support and good solutions.

Or email Pam Andersenour Business and Credit Programs Manager, to ask for more information.

Marketing your business: traditional PR for the 21st Century 
Join us on October 3 for the first in a series of workshops that will help you improve your marketing and advertising skills. 

This session will help you understand  how traditional PR works today, and how to use it to find new customers while keeping in touch with existing ones.

Sessions in November and December will address uses of social media for marketing, covering strategies for writing content and getting results from your social media.

These are part of our "Training Tuesdays" series! Plan ahead now to dedicate the first Tuesday of each month to your own professional development. 

The workshops run from 5:30 to 7:00pm in the CDP conference room in Eastham:

October 3: How to use traditional PR in the 21st Century
November 7: Getting Results from Social Media
December 5: What to Post and Why: Effectively Using Social Media

Each workshop is just $25. Sign up for just one or two, or commit to all three and really boost your ability to get your story out there and reach your customers the right way.

S CORE Business Counseling
Looking for practical business wisdom? The CDP has arranged with Cape Cod SCORE to offer Individual Business Counseling with SCORE counselors right here in Eastham.

When & Where: One hour mentoring sessions are available on Wednesday, September 20 between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. CDP Conference Room, 3 Main Street Mercantile, Unit 8 in Eastham.
Housing Rehabilitation Program: Information Session 
Come learn about opportunities available through the Housing Rehabilitation Program. Funds are available to eligible residents to pay for critical home repairs, such as:

Roofing and Siding
Lead Paint Abatement
Minor Structural Repairs
Heating and Plumbing
Windows and Doors
Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Provincetown Council on Aging - Thursday, September 7th from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 

Thankful Chases Pathway
Affordable Housing Opportunities 
Affordable Rentals 
We manage 72 rental homes throughout the Lower Cape. Availability changes on a regular basis. If you have questions, please contact Alice Demoracski, our Director of Property Management at 508.240.7873 ×17 or by email at  [email protected].

Learn more on our website >

Housing Rehabilitation Program
Attention homeowners and landlords! Receive up to $35,000 for critical repairs to your home. Repairs include, but are not limited to roofing, heat, windows, siding, septic, lead paint abatement and energy efficiency upgrades. Get expert assistance on planning the work and work with quality licensed and insured contractors. Funding is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

More about this program >

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September 6: Jay Critchley from the Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life shares details about this year's event.  

September 13: CDP Business and Home Ownership Program Manager, Andrea Aldana will discuss the newly developed Community Housing Initiative

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