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The Presidents Message

President Tump is acquitted. Surprise, surprise! So, is it finally over? Many do not think it will ever be over as long as Trump is our President.
The question I have is, what did they think was going to happen if they won the impeachment and had removed Donald Trump from office. I really never heard anyone talking about the fact that VP Pense would become President. Did the Dem’s think that Hillary or some other person of their choosing would become President? Or possibly that, God forbid, Nancy Pelosi would become President? If they are worried about Trumps reelection, they are crazy if they think stumbling, bumbling Bidden would win in a match against Pense.

Ellie Owenbey

Legislative Report
Bills are flying at an alarming rate in Olympia. Washington Eagle Forum
urges every citizen reading this to engage immediately!

Here's your Citizen Action Plan: Legislative Hotline: 1.800.562.6000

1.   Read this alert. Please read every word. We have tried to make the
summaries short with minimal links. You need to understand the breathe of
what is happening this session.
2.   Call your legislators - one call to the legislative hotline allows
you to contact your Senator and both Representatives. It's quick and easy -
a receptionist will know who your legislators are, and your message will be
brief - "I am your constituent and I urge you to vote (yes or no) on (bill

We recommend calling on one issue at a time. For example, when opposing
Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) you might say:

"I am your constituent and I oppose Comprehensive Sex Education as proposed
in SB 5395, SB 6175, HB 2184, HB 1407. And I ask you to vote NO!"

Note: ALL of the bills listed above are active CSE bills this session.
Oppose them all! And even if you called last week, it is important that you
call again this week.

3.   Multiply Your Voice - Engage Others - please reach out to other
conservative citizens by forwarding this Noteworthy on to them and urging
them to call!
By Permission

Since we are in what is called a Trifecta Legislature, it is important for each and every one of us to stay in touch with our Legislators and what they are doing this session.

I am enclosing the links to each of the Representatives below. Click on them. Their newsletters to us are very good and they are keeping us informed as to what they are doing this session.

This is important stuff. Let's all pay attention and do what we can to help out.

E ach city, county, or geographic area is divided by address into precincts to assign polling places and gather votes.
Chelan and Douglas county is broken into precincts and   has a specific location where it's residents go to vote. Sometimes several precincts will use the same polling station. The size of a Precinct can vary. In our area, it is generally an area of 400 people.
Do you have your voter’s registration card? If so, your Precinct number is on it. If not, you can go online to:
Once you know which Precinct you are in you can check local newspapers to find your Caucus location.
There are two main purposes of a Caucus.
First, delegates will be elected to represent our Precinct at the County Convention. There, delegates will be elected to go to the State Convention, where delegates are elected to attend the National Republican Convention.
Second, we will have the opportunity to evaluate, add to or amend the Republican Party Platform. These suggestions will go to the County Convention for review.
February 29, 2020 Precinct Caucus

April 2, 2020  County Convention
Wenatchee First Assembly Church
May 13 – 16, WA State Convention
Angel of the Winds Arena, Everett
August 24 – 16, National Republican
                Charlotte, North Carolina

Check out what our Senator and Representatives are doing in Olympia.

See what they are doing to kill the voter rights in this session. ( know this is a request for donation.) Not why I am adding this. It is a good overview of what is happening in Oympia and it is short and sweet.
Cary Condotta - March Speaker
Our guest speakers for March 2nd will be Cary Condotta and Mike McKee speaking to us on Restore Washington. Restore Washington is an offshoot of the Liberty State group effort to break the state of Washington into two states. 

Restore Washington deals with the here and now, not with the hopes for the future of two states. They keep a watch on the Legislature and Bills they are passing. This is essential in this election year when we will have the chance to elect more Republican Party Legislators. 

Caring For America

Our March non profit will be  CASA   (Court Appointed Special Advocates) These volunteers represent abused and neglected children in Court and observe their care while under foster care or in their family home.. Over 189 children received services until 50% returned home and others remain in foster care for 18m to 10 years until released by the court. CASAs drive in state and out of state 1-2 x per month per child.. There is little money for gas reimbursement. The agency needs  gas cards  to carry out their work, especially with our rising gas prices, and  Office Depot   cards  to buy office supplies (at discount) for the mounds of paper/computer work that needs to be kept for the courts. Forty percent of their budget must come from private groups. For an interesting video on what this particular agency does in the community see Click Here

Powerhouse  in East Wenatchee received approximately $200 in CDRW donations in February.  This 9-5p drop-in ministry needed hygiene, sanitation and sandwich items for needy persons who stop in to wash laundry, take a shower, read a book, relax, take part in a bible study and get a cup of coffee, soup, or a PB-J sandwich. They were very thankful for nearly 100 items donated. I have to admit, those were the heaviest items I have carried in awhile!


I have 2 red polo shirts (XS and M) on a fire sale for $20. I can order a CDRW shirt polo $25 or T-shirt $15 any time you wish. We have a goodly number of black Fire Shirts (Log it, Graze it or Watch it burn) for $20 also available. I will continue to bring these to our meetings.
If you are attending the caucuses in Douglas or Chelan counties consider wearing our shirt

                     Caucus Volunteers Needed
 We will need a few volunteers to man tables before the official start @ 1030 (Refreshment, Trump, CDRW-political, registration tables and greeters) at the Wenatchee caucus since several of us will be concentrating on precincts (see April 667-0867 or Marianne 664-6419 for details). I speak for the Wenatchee caucus but the others might need a friendly face to help out as well. Make yourself known. Wear your RED.
Date                  Day                     Time                   Location                                         Program/Event

2/13/20.....Thursday...........6:30 PM............Home of Kris McMullin...............Election 2020 mtg      
2/15/20...... Saturday..........9 AM-3 PM...... Pybus Market...............................Day Table
2/19/20.....Wednesday.......10:30 AM...........Olympia........................................WFRW Day At Capitol
 3/2/20...... Monday............11:30 AM............Red Lion Hotel..............................Luncheon

4/6/20........Monday............11:30 AM............Red Lion Hotel...............................Luncheon

4/18/20......Saturday..........9 AM - 3 PM.......Pybus Market..................................Day Table          

6/20/20......Saturday..........7:00 PM............. Wenatchee Convention Ctr............Lincoln Day Dinner