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      December 2019
Holiday Greetings!
As CDS Office Technologies begins its 49th year in business, we want to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued business.
We hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday season and a very happy and prosperous 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mark & Jay Watson
President & CEO, CDS Office Technologies 
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Putting business devices at risk with holiday shopping

The majority of small- to medium-sized business (SMB) executives believe "many" of their company employees will use work devices to shop online this holiday season. And, with business data stored and transmitted on these same work devices, online shopping can leave valuable business information vulnerable to attack.

Another secondary issue comes from reusing passwords. When a user is on a work computer and find themselves needing to register on an e-commerce site they haven't used before, they might reuse a work email and work password during the registration process. While not an issue right away, if that e-commerce site is compromised, or gets compromised later, that could also place the business at risk.
Angela Kirby Celebrates 25 Years with CDS

Angela Kirby, Digital Imaging Manager, Springfield, celebrated her 25th year with CDS Office Technologies on November 15th.

Thank you Angela for all your years of service and dedication.

Congratulations!     Jay and Mark Watson
Windows 7 Ends in 2020.  Final Notice!

Many companies have limped along with Windows 7 during its extended support cycle for reasons ranging from downtime to financial concerns. But Microsoft is ending Windows 7 extended support in January 2020.  

Still Running Windows 7?

Windows 7 hasn't been supported since 2015, and a surprising number of companies are still using it with security patches offered during the Windows 7 extended support stream of patches. But all things must come to an end, and Windows 7 goes dark in January 2020. Eventually, devices won't boot with adequate security and the risk factor will increase marginally over time.

CDS Office Technologies will perform a no-obligation Network Assessment and create plan for your company to upgrade to a newer version of Windows.
Gift cards are a top target for scammers this holiday season

There are multiple gift card scams that are becoming increasingly popular, according to security experts.  One involves scammers using a card reader to record - or simply writing down - a card's serial number in store before it is sold. Then, they scratch off the decal protecting the cards' PINs and record those, too, replacing the covering with tape.  Once a card is activated, thieves can encode that card's data onto any card with a magnetic stripe and use that counterfeit to purchase merchandise at the retailer. Meanwhile, the person who bought the card (or the person who received it as a gift) finds the card is drained of funds when they eventually get around to using it at a retail store.

To avoid buying a compromised card, study the bar codes and decals covering the PINs on gift cards for signs of tampering or completely exposed PINs. Buying cards from stores that keep cards behind, or close to, the counter is also smart, because they will be harder to tamper with.   A better option, according to experts: Buy gift cards online, not in person. 
Welcome New Employees    View our profile on LinkedIn

Michael Kilian, Sr. Account Executive, Chicago
David Vannelli, IT Helpdesk Tech, St. Louis
Bobbi Edlen, Copy Shop Tech, ColorWorld, Springfield
Christopher Jackson-Monroe, IT Project Mgr/Engineer, Springfield
Douglas Morton, IT Engineer, Springfield
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Good morning, Scott Egolf and Tyler Watson were efficient, patient, thorough and professional while installing our equipment at the new office.  They answered my questions and assured me that your team will be there for us if anything else was needed.
Thank you for following up.
Nancy  F.
American Baptist Churches of the Great Rivers Region
Springfield, IL 
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