Crankies in the Classroom
by Eleanor Lincoln
Looking for a unique project to do at home with your kids? That wasn't originally why we published this article, but it certainly seems apt now! Check out Eleanors's great tips for constructing these little analog wonders, or for a bit more inspiration, here are some of our favorite crankie videos:
"The Elk Herd" by Meg and Ian Chittenden
"The Midnight Sea" by Sarah Gowan and Bill Quern
"Port na bPucai" by Brendan Taaffe
We'd love to see what you make! Email us at
Photo: Eleanor Lincoln
Contra Pulse: Musicians Interview Project
by Julie Vallimont and Ben Williams
Where does contra music come from? Why does it sound the way it does? How has it changed over time? In this project, we will be attempting to take the pulse of contra music today through a series of conversations between host Julie Vallimont and prominent contra musicians from all corners.  Join us in this journey through music, dance, time, space, and community.
Photo: Julie Vallimont
The Greatly Expanded CDSS Resource Portal
by Emily Addison and Linda Henry
Are you a caller? Song leader? Ritual dance leader? Dance musician? Organizer? Dancer? Or do you play some other role in our shared traditions? We have a fantastic new resource for you: the CDSS Resource Portal! The Portal contains a vast range of crowd-sourced resources in separate sections for traditional singers and song organizers, ritual dancers and organizers, dance organizers, callers, dance musicians, educators, and traditional social dancers.
Photo: Avia Moore
Upcoming Web Chat
Supporting Song Organizers: Addressing Current Challenges
Join us in mid-May (date TBA) to hear guest organizers from across the continent sharing valuable perspectives and experiences from their song communities. Email for updates about the date, time, speakers, etc. For recordings and materials from seven previous CDSS web chats, check out
Song Organizers Connect Online!
by Amanda Witman
Song sessions are a time-honored tradition at CDSS events and beyond. When organizers connect with others to share their experiences, everyone benefits. CDSS and Shared Weight have teamed up to connect song session organizers through a new email discussion list. Anyone is welcome to join! Read all about it here.
Photo: Amanda Witman
COVID-19 Updates
and Artist Support
With the news about the novel coronavirus changing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up. We'll still email you with any major changes, but you can find our most up-to-date info and recommendations here. New this week! A calendar of online-only events and a directory of gigging artists to facilitate giving and receiving financial support.
Camp Update!
We know it can be hard to think past what is shaping up to be a very long-feeling spring, but we're really looking forward to summer, and especially to camps!

Two new scholarships we're excited about are the Canadian Scholarship (to help offset the exchange rate and travel costs for any Canadian) and the Potter Fund (to help families attend Cascade of Music & Dance, an adult and family camp in Maryland). You can apply for those within the regular camp registration form.

We're also re-launching our Media Scholarship , a work-exchange position for talented photographers and videographers who want to come to camp. (This photo was taken by 2019 scholarship recipient Jennifer Wik!) Apply here.

In 2019, we awarded over $45,000 of scholarships, all made possible by generous donations from CDSS members and supporters, and by fundraising auctions at camp. If you are able, please consider donating to CDSS scholarship funds to help us share the magic of camp with as many people as possible. If you are planning to attend camp this year, you can donate within the  camp registration form . To donate separately, visit our  regular donation page  and enter "scholarships" into the comments field.

The health and safety of our community is very important to us, and we are actively monitoring the ever-evolving status of the current novel coronavirus.  We plan to run our camps as normal this summer and registration remains open.  If any of our camp weeks are cancelled or if any camper must cancel due to coronavirus/COVID-19, we will offer a full refund. Find our most up-to-date info and refund policy at
Photo: Jennifer Wik
The Member Directory Returns
The much-requested CDSS Member Directory is coming in April, so now is your chance to join or renew in time to be included!

The directory is available for members only, so join CDSS by March 25! You can join via our online form or by mail here . After you've joined as a member, you can order a copy of the 2020 directory in the Commons. All pre-ordered directories will ship in April.

Already a member? Thank you! Please visit the Commons to verify your contact info and preferences.
During this time of much uncertainty, we are committed to continuing our work fostering connection. If you're not already a CDSS member and currently have the means to join, your support of our work would mean a lot right now. Membership costs as little as $25/year or $5/month.  Join here.