Happy April Fools! With the entire area locked down because of COVID-19, to cheer us up, in this issue of the Obichaff, I added a few humorous elements. I hope you enjoy the articles and that at least one story puts a smile on your face. There is also a long article on local, pet friendly wineries, with links to the wineries web pages. As soon as this quarantine over, I plan to hit the wine trail with my dogs.

Our next issue will be more serious. We will be addressing the question of how we, as dog owners, mourn the passing of our beloved pets. When a close family member passes, there are religious and social rituals that we follow. There are conventions concerning mourning and how we comfort people who have lost a loved one. Yet there seems to be a lack of consensus on how to mourn a pet and about how we should console people who have lost a beloved pet. If you have a story about pet loss, please send it to me. I would like to share your thoughts on pet loss and mourning.