July 7, 2016
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A Seat at the Table

Under the federal education law, students and teachers at non-government schools are entitled to equitable services and to a seat at the table when the state puts together its plan for Title services. 

I know you know this, but sometimes it appears to escape the minds of the Department of Education. Luckily, we are here to remind them!

This week, USCCB submitted comments on the latest rulemaking proposal from ED. As written, the regulations did not require states to include Catholic school officials in the planning process - something called for in the plain language of the law. You may read our comments here.
Now It's Your Turn!

In an effort to make the Catholic voice heard at the Department of Education, I invite   you  to comment directly on the rulemaking described above. Don't worry, I have easy-to-follow instructions!

Click  THIS LINK to find a folder of docs to download and assist you. (N.b. - you do not need a Box.com account to download the files; you may ignore their offers)

The " ESSA NPRM comment directions" explains how to go about commenting in 3 easy steps. 

Use either of the other documents for the text of your comment:
-"Sample NPRM Comment from Schools re ESSA State Plans" is for your use if you would like to concur with USCCB's comments in a formal letter format (suggested for commenting on behalf of a school or diocese).
-" ESSA NPRM Generic Comments" allows you to copy USCCB's comment text directly into the webpage without editing.

If you are able to comment - thank you! If you have any issues while attempting to comment, feel free to contact me by phone (202-541-3148) or email ( gdolan@usccb.org)
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Greg Dolan