September 29, 2016
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Breaking News on ESSA Guidance

Yesterday, the Department of Education hosted their annual conference for non-government schools and made some news about equitable services guidance. 

During a panel on the new ESSA law, one of the Department staffers assured us that guidance on equitable services would be out "in time for consultations this school year."

Considering the Administration must get its substantive work done before the next President comes into office, I take this to mean we will see something by December or early January.

Kudos to Sr. Dale McDonald of NCEA for asking the pertinent question.

In anticipation of this guidance, please be sure to read up on ESSA Transition for Catholic Schools and to watch Sr. Dale and I's web video on the law.
Childcare and Parental Choice

In other federal government action this week, the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees aid for childcare, released their final rules implementing the 2014 reauthorization of the Child Care & Development Block Grant law.

Last year's Christmas Eve regulations (seriously - read more here) would have undermined the parental choice aspects of the program by taking money from parent-empowering vouchers and forcing the creation of government-run daycare centers.

After much criticism and negative feedback, including a letter from the Chairmen of the House and Senate Education Committees, HHS's final rules relent on this misguided proposal.

So, while this is a real "no news" topic - that's good! Parents throughout the country will remain able to choose their childcare provider, including religious and small-group providers.
Titles II & III Guidance

And in further guidance news, ED put out two documents on Titles II-A & III (teachers and English language-learners). Though neither offer much insight for Catholic schools, it does indicate the decks are being cleared at the Department for our aforementioned equitable services guidance.

Here are links for the Title II-A guidance, and Title III.
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