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January 30, 2017
A Message from the Executive Director of the Secretariat
Dear Colleagues in the Work of Catholic Education,
Greetings during the beginning of Catholic Schools Week 2017.  Please know of the prayers of the staff of the Secretariat of Catholic Education at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Thank you for your presence in and commitment to Catholic education throughout our country.
The document The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium in paragraph nine, reminds that we are about the formation of the entire human person.  "The Catholic school sets out to be a school for the human person and of human persons.  The person of each individual human being, in his or her material and spiritual needs, is at the heart of Christ's teaching:  this is why the promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic school."  Academic excellence, spiritual, psychological and human formation come together in the Catholic school community to offer a vision of life that is integrated and sustained by our relationship with Jesus Christ and desire to live the Gospel.  This is a unique approach to education that is in partnership with parents  and the Church to accompany the next generation of young people.  
During the celebration of Catholic Schools Week we pray for all our students and families, faculty and staff, bishops and pastors, and parish and school communities that support the goal of a truly integrated and flourishing Catholic school education for the next generation of young people.  
Thank you, again, for your great work and efforts on behalf of the Catholic schools in your diocese and throughout the country. 
Gratefully in Christ,
Sister John Mary Fleming, OP
Executive Director 
Secretariat for Catholic Education 

Statement from Bishop Murry
Bishop Murry, Chairman of the Committee on Catholic Education, released a statement Friday announcing Catholic Schools Week. You may find his statement at this link. The big takeaway line:

"Catholic schools are integral to our nation's character - serving the common good, strengthening local communities, and building the Kingdom of God on earth" - Bishop George Murry
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