January 4, 2019
Happy Feast Day of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton: Mother, Convert and Foundress of American Parochial Schools!
Up Next on the Secretariat's Calendar...
January 2-8 - U.S. Bishops' 7-day retreat (happening right now!)
January 20 - 26 - National School Choice Week 
January 27 - February 2 - Catholic Schools' Week 

2018 Ed Policy Round Up 
As we begin 2019, here is a collection of education policy reports, interviews and essays from last year, courtesy of The 74 Million:

The SALT continues... 
The IRS released new guidance regarding SALT deductions and contributions to School Choice organizations right after Christmas -- but no final rule yet. The guidance focuses on corporations as it relates to contributions to non-profit organizations, many of which are providing scholarships for children to attend the school of their choice.

January 20 - 26 is National School Choice Week
National School Choice Week (NSCW) is a public awareness campaign held every January to celebrate opportunity in education for children in grades K through 12. This year, 40,594 independently-planned events and activities will be held across the country from January 20 - 26.  Join the online community by posting a picture or uploading a video of your kids talking about why they choose their Catholic school!

There's still time to plan an event to take place during National School Choice Week!   Click here for some ideas to get started. National School Choice Week is a great time to highlight your school in anticipation of Catholic Schools' Week, which takes place the very next week!
Office of Non-Public Education (ONPE): New Year, New Program Office
Happy New Year!  The Office of Non-Public Education (ONPE) has exciting news to share as we usher in the New Year.

New Program Office
2019 brings with it a significant change for the Office of Non-Public Education.  As of Monday, January 6, 2019, ONPE moves to the Office of the Secretary (OS) under the U.S. Department of Education  reorganization.  The objectives of the reorganization are to:
Reduce redundancy, maximize employee and organizational efficiency;
  • Maximize transparency and employee involvement;
  • Leverage ED colleagues' knowledge and expertise; and
  • Maximize creative problem-solving and teamwork while adhering to legal requirements.
Mission Remains
Although we are moving to OS, ONPE's statutory mission remains the same - to maximize the participation of private school students and teachers in federal education programs and initiatives.  ONPE's work with State and local education agencies, State ombudsmen and private school officials on equitable services continues to be paramount as is our ongoing collaboration with other Department program offices to respond to inquiries, provide technical assistance, develop guidance, and support stakeholders.  We look forward to supporting the work of the OS and continuing building strong relations with our stakeholders.
As always, please share with me your ideas, suggestions, and experiences by emailing jdaniels@usccb.org

Happy New Year!

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