Volume 06 | June 3, 2020
The events exacerbated by the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers has challenged us as individuals, families, Delawareans, and Americans in unimaginable ways, even as our resilience is being tested by the COVID-19 crisis. Our deepest sympathies are with the George Floyd family and those in our community who may also have known or experienced such a horrific and unjust tragedy.
The Community Education Building exists to help children and families overcome terrible barriers created by racism. The civil unrest that we are witnessing is a call to action for each of us as individuals, and for all of us, collectively, to stand up and speak out for justice. We must not only "try" we must succeed in doing our part to purposefully and peaceably dismantle the policies, systems, and attitudes that have fostered the outrage and frustration that we are feeling and our children are seeing unfold in destructive ways. At the CEB, we commit to listen, learn, understand, and love through our words and our actions. 

We will stand with our community to condemn injustices and persist until equity is achieved.

This Week in the Community
Free Meals & DiAE Art Kits
Friday June 5th, Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education (DiAE) will provide art kits to families with their free CEB meals!

1200 N. French Street
Wilmington, DE
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
COVID-19 Testing Locations
Beginning on Wednesday, June 3, 20-person teams, including members of Delaware’s Medical Reserve Corps and the Delaware Association of Physician Assistants, will go door-to-door at a total of nine high-rise buildings over three separate days. At each location, there will be a Division of Public Health lead. The medical providers will bring nasal swab testing to people who typically may not be able to leave their homes.  
Wednesday, June 3
Terry Apartments, 2400 N. Broom St.
Park View Apartments, 1800 N. Broom St
Compton Towers/Apartments, 325 E. Fifth St.

Thursday, June 4
Windsor Apartments, 500 N. Walnut St.
Ingleside Apartments, 1005 N. Franklin St.
Luther Towners II, 1420 N. Franklin St.

Monday, June 8
Luther Towers I, 1201 N. Harrison St.
Lincoln Towers, 1800 N. DuPont St.
The Antonian, 1701 W. 10th St. 
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