November 21, 2019

New Topic Area

Supporting Sexual and/or Gender Minority (SGM) Youth

The Supporting Sexual and/or Gender Minority (SGM) Youth topic area focuses on programs that increase the skills, knowledge, and supports of youth who are a sexual and/or gender minority, their parents or caregivers (including resource parents), and the providers and staff who work with them, such as caseworkers, congregate care providers, educators, and other professionals.

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Programs Added to the Topic Area:

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*More programs will be added in the coming weeks!

Additional New Programs

Program Name
Topic Area
Scientific Rating

Substance Abuse Prevention
(Child & Adolescent)

3 - Promising Research Evidence

Substance Abuse Prevention
(Child & Adolescent)

NR - Not able to be Rated

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National Parent Involvement Day 

November 21, 2019 is National Parent Involvement Day!  This is a day that reinforces awareness of the invaluable role that parents/caregivers and community play in supporting student learning and public education, and honor their contributions to 
student success.

This handout highlights some CEBC resources that may help parents/caregivers to be more involved in children's learning at school and at home.

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