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From Head of School, Lacey Scadden
Attendance is very important to the success of CEC students. While we appreciate families symptom screening at home, we want to send you this reminder from the CDC.
Symptom screening will identify only that a person might be sick, not that the person necessarily has COVID-19. There is no symptom or set of symptoms that occurs only in children diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Many symptoms of COVID-19 are also symptoms of common illnesses like cold and flu. For example, fever and cough are the most common symptoms reported in children with COVID-19 and are present with many infections. The overlap between symptoms of COVID-19 and other common infectious illnesses means that some people with COVID-19 symptoms could have something else. This could be true even more often in young children because they typically have multiple viral illnesses each year.

  • Students with chronic conditions like asthma or allergies might have symptoms such as cough or nasal congestion without having an infectious illness. Children with other chronic illnesses such as those that affect the stomach or intestines (e.g., Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome) might also experience symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea that can be confused with symptoms of COVID-19. For many students with chronic medical conditions, symptoms might reoccur frequently throughout the year.

  • Because many COVID-19 symptoms are present in other illnesses, symptom screenings have the potential to exclude students from school repeatedly even though they do not have COVID-19 or another contagious illness, particularly when those screenings evaluate for multiple or all known COVID-19 symptoms.
CECFC West MS Parent Student Teacher Conferences 
Date: October 20th Click here to select time slot preferred, Virtual or in person and teachers you would like to talk to. We will send schedules out next week

Important Dates
Fri, Oct 15- “Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Howl” play 5:00 pm
Thu, Oct 20- Student/Parent/Teacher conf., no classes
Wed, Oct 20-22 - Fall Break
CECFC West Middle School Production
Friday, Oct. 15th at 5:00 p.m.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Howl”

Masks are optional.
We are Launching the new CEC online store!!
From the desk of Mrs. Doetsch:
We had some fun during our Spirit Week. This was CRAZY hair day.
From the desk of Mr. Pine:
Social Studies
What is the expectation? Try! Don't leave a question blank or say you don't know the answer.
What is the Alternative? If technology is an issue then a hard copy can be provided, if you ask for it.
How can students be successful? Take notes, use the hand outs, think about the questions, and don't be afraid to expand your answers (the more you put down, the better chance you have to earn points)
Important dates:
Tue, Sept. 21- assigned a paper for 7th grade, People vs. Napoleon
Mon, Sept. 27- rough draft is due
Mon, Oct. 4- final typed paper is due
From the desk of Mrs. Bertoni
We are looking for old or unused jeans (any color),. We will use the jeans for future sewing projects. We appreciate all art supply donations!
Theatre is in need of a large magnifying glass for Sherlock Holmes for our play that is in rehearsals – “Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Howl”. If you are willing to let us borrow items for the production, please let me know by email or TEAMS contact/chat. Thank you!
From the desk of Hallie Johnson: English Instructor
This week we will be:
6th: Reading and Analyzing The Giver
7th: Reading and Analyzing The Hobbit
8th: Reading "Rip Van Winkle" to aid in our understanding of American Romantic Era Literature
Tips for Supporting Teens’
Mental Health This Fall
Picking up students for appointments?
Attendance questions?

Procedure for picking up students during school hours:
Please have your child pick up a pass from Mrs LeFevre, our Attendance Monitor BEFORE class and have your child give it to the teacher whose class they will be leaving. This will minimize disruption to the teacher and the class and Mrs LeFevre will know when to pull your child from class.
For your student's safety, we will only permit people listed in your Infinite Campus Relationships to pick up your child and they will need to sign out at Reception. A note from the provider should be sent with your child the next day and handed to Mrs LeFevre if you wish the absence to be excused.
She may be reached at the Attendance Line at (970) 666-4032 or at Voicemail messages are checked throughout the day.
If your child is late or unable to make it to school, please call the attendance line (970) 666-4032 and leave a message. Please refer to the Student and Family Handbook for more detailed information.

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After School Homework Help

Click here to complete this form for homework help at CECFC West MS from 3.15-4pm.
Remember, you can earn a $100 E-Gift Card for every student you refer to CECFC West MS! We look forward to seeing new faces next year!
Due to new state requirements, awards will ONLY be given to active students or a parent/guardian with an active student who completely fills out the Refer-A-Friend Form and submits it by October 1 of the current school year.
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