Important Dates
November Prospective Family Guided Tours

  • Saturday, November 6th at 9am

  • Thursday, November 18th at 4pm

Day Light Savings
  • Sunday November 7th
  • Don't forget to turn your clocks back!

Vision/Hearing Screening
  • Tuesday, November 9th- 9:25-10:30 AM

SAC Meeting
  • Thursday, November 18th
  • In lieu of meeting, SAC chair, Stephanie Lewis, would like to do something special for our hard working teachers. If you would like to participate, please reach out to Stephanie Lewis at or call/text 303-587-9394.

NO SCHOOL: Thanksgiving Break
  • Monday, November 22nd- Friday, November 26th
Counseling Corner

Happy Fall All!
I hope you all are enjoying the change in weather!

I want to share some great news! The state of Colorado has just launched a program called, I Matter. This program provides up to three FREE counseling sessions for all Colorado youth, ages 18 or younger or 21 and younger, if receiving special education services. The program is in place to promote youth emotional and mental health, which is needed now more than ever.

Three child and adolescent advocacy groups, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have declared that the mental health crisis among children has become a national emergency. Those are serious words. There are many reasons, with the number one being stress brought on by COVID-19. Our youth here at CEC Windsor are not immune. Talk to your children about stress and anxiety. Assure them that seeking professional help does not show weakness, but takes strength. Watch for signs such as disinterest in activities they used to enjoy, declining grades, withdrawing, avoiding social interactions, or difficultly sleeping. Make sure your child knows that they can come to you when their emotions are making school and other life activities difficult.

I encourage you to visit the I Matter website and contact me if you need ideas about how to talk to your child about mental health. As always, encourage your child to visit me if they need to talk or just need a little quiet during the day.

Wishing you the best,
Melissa Faye, (970) 657-2860 or

Traffic Guidelines:
At CECW, it is our number one priority to keep our staff and students safe. Our entire student body is picked up by 3:06pm each day. Please stay in the car line until you get to the front of the building, where your student(s) should wait for you to pull up. Students should NOT cross the parking lot while there is a drive line. Thanks for helping to protect students and staff in our parking lot.

Lost and Found:
Please remind your students to check the Lost and Found! All items left here by Friday, November 6th will be donated.

Marlie's Emergency Stuffies

In 2018, Marlie lost her dad in a motorcycle accident. At the hospital, she was given a stuffed animal to help her cope with her loss. Marlie started to provide stuffed animals for "kids who are going through hard times like me." This year the stuffies will be going to UC Health Hospitals and Realities for Children and her goal is to raise over 1000 stuffed animals! Please donate to help Marlie reach her goal! You can scan the QR Code in the corner to donate as well!

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