Important Dates
StuCo Winter Party
  • Thursday December 14th- 3-5 PM
  • See below for more information

SAC Teacher Gifting
  • Month of December
  • Stephanie Lewis would like to do something special for all our hard working staff members! If you have any questions, please reach out to Stephanie at or call/text 303-587-9394.
  • See the links below for Wish Lists. These were also sent via email and it's on Facebook.

Finals Exams
  • Monday December 13th-Odd Class Periods-Ugly Sweater Day
  • Tuesday December 14th- Even Class Periods-Pajama Day
Remember to be in dress code, except for pajama day

NO SCHOOL: Winter Break
  • Wednesday, December 15th- Tuesday, January 4th

Second Semester Starts
  • Wednesday, January 5th
Lunch Reminder

Parents are welcome to bring lunch to school for their student/sit down and eat with them in our cafeteria. Parents are also welcome to take students out for lunch during their lunch hour.

We ask that you do not have DoorDash, GrubHub, etc. delivered to the school for your child. Lunch hour is a busy time in the front office and we do not have staff to receive, deliver, etc. these lunches. As a reminder, we also ask that you and your student do not bring food to share. At CECW, we have students that have many different food allergies and sensitivities, and we always want to be inclusive and don't want any student to feel left out due to not being part of the shared food items.
Thank you!
A Note from the Principal

Dear CECW Golden Eagle Families,

We have almost completed another amazing fall semester of school! Just two days of final exams and we will start thinking about the Spring of 2022. Thank you all for your support and perseverance as we continue to navigate education during this pandemic.
This week, our students took the MAPs tests to show how much they have grown over the semester. In total, our students grew 443 points in math and 154 points in ELA just this semester! We have promised the students one foot of duct tape for each growth point earned to tape a staff member to the cafeteria wall in January when we return. That means they will receive 597 feet of tape in total!! I am so proud of all the hard work that our students have put forth this semester, and I am looking forward to the fun next semester. I can hardly wait to see the results of their final exams next Monday and Tuesday.

As 2021 comes to a close, I want to wish you happiness and safety throughout this holiday season.

Happy Holidays,
Ms. Smith

Teacher Gifting

Dear CECW Families,
As we approach the holiday season, I have asked the staff to create wish lists of things that they would like for themselves and their classrooms. We know that the last 2 years have been hard on all of us and we are looking to shower them with things that they need to best support their self-care and classrooms. Please see the links below for lists. I am grateful for all of the families who have already reached out to help make this project successful. 
Please note that if an item has been already selected, choose a different item from another category. We would like to make sure all staff members receive something.
These links will be active until May, however Holidays Gifts should be brought in, wrapped and addressed to the teacher, the week of December 13th-14th before we all go on break. Students can drop them off in the office, addressed to the staff member if they choose to be anonymous, or brought straight to their teachers. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (303) 587-9394 phone or text.

Happy shopping,
Stephanie Lewis 
SAC Chair

Amanda Atkins- Front Desk/Health Tech: click HERE

Rebecca Bolding- ELA/MTSS/GT: click HERE

Steve Coppa- Science/STEM: click HERE

Aubrey Faour- Art/Yearbook: click HERE

Melissa Faye- Counselor: click HERE

Paige Goodskey- Registrar: click HERE

Kevin Hathcoat- Science: click HERE

Janet Kelley- SPED: click HERE

Sam Kloeckner- Spanish: click HERE

Stephanie Krafft- German/Elevate: click HERE

Stephanie Livingston- Academic Assistant: click HERE

Chloe Magruder- English: click HERE

Patrick Molinaro- Elevate/CCR: click HERE

Kitty Moore- Business Manager: click HERE

John Nanney- Social Science: click HERE

Lauren Rhoads- IT: click HERE

Candace Seabolt- PE: click HERE

Kelly Smith- Principal: click HERE

Lindsay Stites- Math: click HERE

Zach Walz- Band/Theatre/Choir: click HERE

Mandy Winchester- Programs Registrar: click HERE

Meg Wingard- Social Science/College Adjunct: click HERE
Winter Party
CEC students!

Come join us for our Winter Party on December 14th from 3-5 PM in the cafeteria!
There will be a movie, (Happy Feet), snacks, and a white Elephant gift exchange!
The movie entry is free, but please let Mr. Hathcoat know if you are coming so he knows how many gifts to get!
The white elephant will be free entry! We will use funds from the fall grams to purchase student's gifts.
Make sure to bring a cozy blanket for the movie! Blankets will be left in Mr. Hathcoat's room or in backpacks until after school.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Food Drive
Hello CECW Families,

NJHS is hosting a 2021 Canned Food Drive! Donations will be accepted up until Tuesday December 14th. Please bring in new, unopened cans and drop them off at the Front Office. Each grade will be competing for the highest number of donations! Jack's Auto will match can per can up to $200 for this canned food drive.
Let's end this semester giving back to our awesome community!

Useful Links

CECW is now accepting new 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders for the 2022/2023 school year! Click here to begin the application process! Let friends and family know about next year's enrollment by sending them to our Admissions Page.

Remember, you can earn a $100 E-Gift Card for every student you refer to CECW! We look forward to seeing new faces next year!
Are you following us on Facebook and Instagram? Be sure to keep up with CECW on social media for fun news and important updates!