Important Dates

Student Council First Meeting

  • Monday, August 29th- 3-4 PM

STEMfrancisco Meeting 

  • Wednesday, August 24th
  • see below for information

Prospective Family Tour

Harvest Festival 

  • Sunday & Monday, September 4th and 5th

Prospective Family Tour

Pastels on 5th  

  • Saturday, September 10th- 10 AM-5 PM

CMAS 2022

Dear CECW Golden Eagle Parents & Guardians,

English Language Arts and Math reports from the April 2022 CMAS standardized testing are available! I have sent home reports for students who attended CECW in the 2021-2022 school year. These reports are in an envelope addressed to you as parents/guardians, so please ask your student to share that report with you.

I am happy to announce that CECW performed well overall, and we are proud of our Golden Eagles! As you go over the reports with your students, please remember that our “n” (our number of students) is small, so we need to read the data with our student body population in mind. The students have also been through a pandemic and have endured the disruptions it has caused in our classrooms and in our lives.

The CMAS exams are a measure at one point in time, and it is not the only data that we look at to determine next steps in a student’s education; however, it is something that we review, along with NWEA MAPs, Achieve 3000, in-class assessments, homework assignments, and so much more when we make educational decisions to support positive student outcomes. We are proud of the effort and the growth of each and every student at CECW, and we are looking forward to watching them continue to grow this year!

As always, please call or email me with any questions.


Rebecca Feilmann

Director of Instruction

Staff Spotlight!

CECW Families,

This week's spotlight is on our new middle school Physical Education teacher, Mr. Leach! Mr. Leach has a diverse background in health and wellness: He has worked for NASA in the Human Adaptations and Countermeasures Division, specializing in maintaining the health of astronauts! He helped develop the exercise equipment that is on the International Space Station and trained US and international astronauts on exercise equipment used while in space flight! Mr. Leach enjoys sports, fitness, concerts, cooking, and fishing. He has also been known to binge watch Netflix. CECW is excited to have Mr. Leach as part of the Golden Eagle family!

A Note from the Health Office

CECW Families,

In Colorado, students entering 6th grade are required to get the tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) vaccine before they start school. See www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/schoolrequiredvaccines.

Tetanus is a rare, non-contagious disease that can cause painful muscle tightening and stiffness; people can get tetanus through a cut or wound. Diphtheria is a rare, contagious disease that can cause breathing problems, heart failure, and other serious issues. Pertussis, or whooping cough, is a very contagious disease that can cause severe coughing spells, difficulty breathing, and other serious issues, especially in infants, toddlers, and other people who have weakened immune systems. Adolescents who get pertussis can be sick for up to three months. A Tdap dose administered at 10 years of age counts as the adolescent Tdap dose and meets Colorado’s 6th grade Tdap requirement: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/acip-recs/vacc-specific/dtap.htmL.

If your student does not receive Tdap vaccine and does not meet Colorado’s 6th grade Tdap requirement, a Certificate of Medical Exemption or an annual Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption must be submitted to the school: www.colorado.gov/vaccineexemption. This will assure that your student is in compliance with the Colorado school immunization law and be allowed to attend school.

Please reach out to your CEC Health Staff if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to answer any questions. Thank you!

Food Service Volunteers!

Greetings CECW Families,

CEC Food Service Department is seeking volunteers during lunch service hours! We are looking for service-minded people who love interacting with kids and have a flexible day schedule. Part time paid positions available.

Please email foodservices@coloradoearlycolleges.org or call 970-841-1050 with further interest. You can also reach out directly to Austin Kowalczyk, Director of Food Services, at 720-505-4010 ext. 22997.

Thank you so much!


CECW Parents and Students,

Could your student be interested in visiting San Francisco for Spring Break next year? Perhaps they would like to see the majestic Half Dome of Yosemite? Could they be interested in wandering around the Google or Apple campuses? What about walking the Golden Gate Bridge?

If any of that seems interesting, you should most definitely attend one of our informational meetings, the first one being Wednesday, August 24, 2022. We will hold one session immediately after school at 3:15 pm in the school cafeteria. If you can’t make that meeting, we will also have one the same day at 5:30 pm in the same location. 

If you would like more information be sure to contact Mr. Molinari at patrick.molinari@coloradoearlycolleges.org

Thank you and hope to see you there!

Patrick Molinari

Director of Campus Culture

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