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Student Council First Meeting

  • Monday, August 29th- 3-4 PM

Windsor Harvest Festival 

  • Sunday & Monday, September 4th and 5th

CLOSED- Labor Day

  • Monday, September 5th

Prospective Family Tour

Pastels on 5th  

  • Saturday, September 10th- 10 AM-5 PM

Lost and Found 

  • Items from lost & found will be donated at the end of each month. Please tell your students to check if they have anything missing.


Dear CECW Parents & Guardians,

I hope these first few weeks of school have been going smoothly for you and your student(s)! Now that we are almost to September, I wanted to take some time to discuss MTSS at CECW to provide you with an understanding of how we support individual students through structured intervention, how you can engage in that process, and how you can remain informed about your student’s progress.

CECW is committed to supporting the academic progress of all students. Many students successfully learn at school with universal instructional practices; however, some students need extra or intensive support in order to succeed. Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a framework that helps schools and teachers give all students the support they need to learn, grow, and succeed.

The MTSS framework helps schools create ways to:

· Identify each student's needs and provide support as early as possible.

· Use research-based strategies and provide evidence-based interventions.

· Align supports to meet each student's needs.

· Regularly check each student's progress to know if instruction, strategies, and interventions are effectively meeting their needs.

· Adjust instruction, strategies, and interventions as needed.

· Include parents or guardians while developing and implementing support.

MTSS has three tiers of instruction/intervention and supports:

· Tier I includes the instruction and support provided to all students.

· Tier II (Supplemental) serves students needing more help. Additional instruction or intervention and support are provided to these students in small groups.

· Tier III (Intensive) is for students who need intensive support in order to succeed. Additional instruction, intervention, and support are provided to these students in even smaller groups or in one-on-one settings.

Every student's progress is assessed multiple times per year using several different sources to check whether their needs are being met, what additional resources may help them succeed, and then to adjust their supports as needed. The evidence-based support and instruction students receive within each tier is based on individual student data and will vary according to each student's needs. As student progress is assessed, your student may be identified as needing Tier II or Tier III support. Should this occur, please know that you will be invited to help us develop a plan for supporting your student at CECW.

When we implement MTSS, it helps us provide each student the support they need to be successful. For additional information or any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Rebecca Feilmann, Director of Instruction

Staff Spotlight!

CECW Families,

This week's staff spotlight is on Dr. Stepleton, CECW's high school science instructor! Dr. Stepleton earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Samford University and then went on to earn his PhD in Chemistry from Clemson University. After earning his degrees, Dr. Stepleton taught at universities and community colleges within Colorado before deciding to call CECW home!

Dr. Stepleton enjoys outdoors activities like cycling, camping, and gardening. He also enjoys driving, video games, and seeing the world push the boundaries of human achievements. CECW is thrilled to welcome Dr. Stepleton to our Golden Eagle family!

Hosting Foreign Exchange Students

Greetings CECW Families,

Call TODAY to Host an International Student from Spain or France!

The Council for Educational Travel USA (CETUSA) is looking for TWO loving CEC Windsor families to host a student from Spain or France for the current school year. Host families are asked to provide a warm, welcoming environment, a comfortable bed, three meals a day and transportation to school and some activities. Our students speak English and arrive with a passport, J-1 exchange visitor visa, their own spending money, health insurance and a dream of life with an American family.  

Will your family make a dream come true?  

If we can qualify two host families and complete all required paperwork for the vetting process BEFORE August 31st, CEC Windsor will receive one scholarship for an American student to go outbound over the next three years to Italy, Spain or France.*

Host families will also be entered into a drawing to win an outbound program. Those whose names are not drawn can receive 50% off the program fees.  

Call Local Coordinator Jodee Loury TODAY to select just the right student for your family! The application and vetting process can take a few days, so contact NOW at (970) 690-8424 or jodee.loury@cetusa.org.  Read about a few of our students in the attached profiles!

*(Cost of visa, flights, insurance and spending money is not included in outbound program fee.)

If you are interested in seeing student profiles or learning more information, contact Page Goodskey at paige.goodskey@coloradoearlycolleges.org

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