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Dear Friends of Civil and Environmental Engineering,

Let me begin by extending my congratulations to the graduates of our civil and environmental engineering class of 2023! Out of the collective number of students who earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from NJIT, we proudly commemorate an impressive count of almost 300 graduates this year from our department. Furthermore, our 14th Annual John A. Reif, Jr. CEE Graduation and Awards Celebration gave us the opportunity to acknowledge and honor individuals who have consistently exemplified the highest standards of excellence within our department. This annual tradition allows us to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in upholding the values that define our academic community.

Our engagement in the 2023 ASCE Metropolitan Student Symposium was not only marked by the participation of five student-led teams, but also by their remarkable achievements, underscoring the exceptional dedication and skill of our students. Notably, our most accomplished team, Steel Bridge, secured a first-place victory at Regionals, earning them a well-deserved spot at Nationals in San Diego. This impressive success is a testament to the caliber of our students and their commitment to excellence.

As a tribute to the memory of our dear friend David Good, we hosted the second edition of the David Good 3D Printed Bridge High School Division Competition. Ten high school teams engaged in a spirited competition that highlighted their creativity, innovation, and collaborative skills. Throughout the day, participating students, judges and educators formed connections, gained valuable insights and deepened their appreciation for higher education and the collective spirit it entails. This event not only celebrates David Good's legacy but also fosters a sense of unity and learning among the participants.

I am thrilled to introduce the latest member of our department, Dr. Arjun Venkatesan, who has joined us as an associate professor. Dr. Venkatesan comes to NJIT from Stony Brook University, where he holds the position of associate director at the New York State Center for Clean Water Technology.

I invite you to keep reading, and you'll discover numerous student narratives highlighting their achievements across a range of pursuits. We had the privilege of hosting The College Tour, a well-known Amazon TV Series, which provided an opportunity for one of our civil engineering graduates to connect with a global audience and share her journey firsthand. As always, I sincerely appreciate and welcome your support of our department’s academic, research and service initiatives. 



Taha F. Marhaba, P.E., F.ASCE

(973) 596-2444

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[email protected]

NJIT's Civil Engineering Program Ranked #2 Nationwide

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Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2023!

This year, we celebrate our department's nearly 300 civil and environmental graduates. Congratulations to our accomplished undergraduates (172), masters students (90) and Ph.D. students (11). Your hard work and achievements truly make us proud. Well done!

NJIT reported a total of 3,238 students that earned bachelor's and graduate degrees at the university's 107th commencement, held on May 16th at NJIT's Wellness and Events Center and May 19th at Prudential.

Click on the photo above to view more pictures from commencement!

Steel Bridge Team Triumphs at Regionals,

Takes #10 in the Nation at Finals

Following their victory in the New York metropolitan regional contest at Rowan University, our Steel Bridge team advanced to the Finals. In an almost a clean sweep at Regions, the team secured 1st in overall performance, construction speed, construction economy, stiffness, lightness, structural efficiency and cost estimation. They were also awarded second place in aesthetics. The team's outstanding achievement across multiple categories is commendable.

The National Student Steel Bridge Competition, held at the University of California, San Diego in June, witnessed an exceptional performance by the NJIT Steel Bridge Team. Their outstanding display resulted in their best finish since 2015. Co-sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the competition saw the participation of 174 schools in 20 regional events. Out of the 44 teams invited to the national competition, NJIT secured an impressive overall placement of #22. Enjoy a short timelapse of the build!

NJIT found itself in esteemed company, facing tough competition in the overall category from the University of Michigan (#21) and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (#20). The team's noteworthy achievements were particularly evident in the economy category, where they ranked #12 nationwide, and in the construction speed category, where they achieved an impressive #10 in the nation.

"We've got a good group that worked together and did really well, and we were able to fabricate the bridge," said Thomas Hickey, a junior civil engineering major from Rochelle Park. During his open-house tour as a high school student, Hickey stumbled upon the team, which participates in ASCE-led events organized by student chapters. This marks their first opportunity to compete since the onset of the Covid pandemic.

The NJIT Steel Bridge Team attributes their success to the exceptional leadership of team captains Thomas Hickey, Michael Lopez and Michael Rohe. Their guidance and dedication played a crucial role in the team's remarkable achievements. The entire team expresses gratitude for their invaluable contributions.

To read an article featured on NJIT News, click here.

Senior Success: Civil Engineer Lara Rios is Proud of All the Memories She Made at NJIT

Public Policy is Slowing Down Mainstream Adoption of Sustainable Concrete

For Lara Rios ’23, NJIT has been an important part of her family’s life. Her uncle and father graduated from NJIT, and her brother is also studying at the university. As president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and diversity and inclusion officer of the Student Senate, Rios has always made it her number one priority to help her fellow peers feel at home at NJIT.

“The student organizations that I've been a part of, it hasn't just been surface level. I really considered those in Senate to be like a family to me, and those with SHPE,” said Rios, an Albert Dorman Honors Scholar. “When we talk about familia and how we advertise that, we want to find more people and bring them in and give them this community because having those connections … helps other people get grounded to NJIT and enjoy their experience here,” said Rios.

“That's really what I want for other people because I came in and I got involved. I immediately felt like I belonged at NJIT,” she added. Read More

Concrete is the world’s most pervasive man-made material, and it has a colossal impact on global consumption of energy and natural resources. Traditionally, concrete has almost entirely been produced with newly mined minerals; and the production of concrete’s core ingredient – cement – is estimated to be responsible for about 8% of global COemissions. The lifecycle of concrete typically ends at a landfill, and in the U.S. alone, more than 134 million tons of concrete waste are sent from demolition to landfills every year.

Scientists have been researching and developing a broad array of technologies that can significantly cut COemissions associated with the production of concrete globally. Sustainable design techniques, such as reusing demolished concrete or using waste materials to replace cement, already exist and can reduce energy use, ecosystem destruction, landfill usage and the massive financial costs associated with the mining and shipping of fresh stone. Yet despite significant advancements in the industry’s technical knowledge, public policy has yet to catch up and instead hinders mainstream adoption of these techniques. Read More

PSE&G President Tells NJIT Class of 2023 to 'Move Forward with Purpose'

Port Authority Adopts New Industry-Leading, Sustainable Concrete Standards

The head of New Jersey’s largest utility urged the Class of 2023 at New Jersey Institute of Technology to embrace change and remain positive in the face of challenges ranging from climate change and social inequity to artificial intelligence.

“Finding solutions will require new faces and perspectives and for us to reject the status quo,” said Kim Hanemann, president and chief operating officer of PSE&G. “I encourage you to stay hopeful and press on even when things seem scary. What the world needs now is creative thinking and for the next generation of leaders — for all of you — to move forward with purpose.” Read More

In September 2020, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey introduced one of the most ambitious low-carbon concrete programs of its kind among U.S. transportation agencies to dramatically reduce the embodied carbon of concrete mixes that are approved for contractors to use in agency projects. Today, the agency announced it has achieved a major milestone in that program by significantly strengthening its requirements to use sustainable concrete mixes in all its future construction projects as part of the Port Authority’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Read More

Five NJIT Student Led Teams Attend the 2023 ASCE Metropolitan Student Symposium at Rowan University

On the weekend of April 21, NJIT took five student-led teams to the ASCE Regional Student Conference and Symposium hosted at Rowan University. The teams included Field Surveying, 3D Printed Bridge, Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe and Construction Institute. The outcome was truly impressive, with the teams securing numerous awards across several different categories. Region 1 included student chapters from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Canada. The event offered an excellent platform for competitions, as well as opportunities for professional and personal development, networking, and for fostering a strong sense of community among civil engineering enthusiasts. It was an unforgettable weekend, showcasing the talent and dedication of CEE students.

Steel Bridge

1st Place: Overall Performance, Construction Speed, Construction Economy, Stiffness, Lightness, Structural Efficiency, Cost Estimation

2nd Place: Aesthetics

Pedro Bandeira, Joel Wisely, Shree Patel, Michael Lopez, Thomas Hickey, Michael Rohe, Shania Villabolos, Nora Chamesian and Jeancarlos Valerio Reyes

3D Printed Bridge

2nd Place Overall

Concrete Canoe

2nd Place Overall

Bara Ibrahim, George Mettry Diego Cabrera

Britney Ajila-Chaves, Samantha Arcila, Mason Brown, Joshua Hans, Elizabeth Mundkowsky, Artem Novoselov, Anjeli Santilan, Anna Gecsey, Pedro Bandeira, Muhammad Masroor

Field Surveying

1st Place Overall

Construction Institute

2nd Place Overall

Antonio Petito, Vincent Campanella, Michael Vincent Pagdatoon, Erin Foody, Zac Zurawski, Kody Huffert, Michael Bleeker

Vito Caprio, Heba Yousef and Nestor Garcia

To watch a recap of the weekend's festivities, click here!

Meet our New Faculty Member

Arjun Venkatesan

Arjun is an incoming associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). He comes to NJIT from Stony Brook University, where he is the Associate Director of the New York State Center for Clean Water Technology and holds a joint appointment in Civil Engineering and the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences as a Research Associate Professor. His research focuses on the occurrence, fate and treatment of toxic chemicals in the environment, with a current focus on PFAS and 1,4-dioxane. Additionally, he develops novel analytical and monitoring approaches to assess human and environmental health risks associated with toxic exposures and drug use. To date, he has secured and managed more than $6 million in externally funded research grants from federal (National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation), state, and industry sponsors. His work has been featured in media, such as National Geographic, PBS programming and National Institute of Health publications, among others. Arjun received his master’s in environmental engineering from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2009) and his Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Arizona State University (2013). To date, he has published more than 50 plus peer-reviewed journal articles on emerging contaminants, wastewater-based epidemiology, and water treatment.

Board of Trustees and President Lim Visit Civil Engineering

Hosting the Summer Pre-College Programs

For the last several years, four weeks out of the summer, our Civil and Environmental Engineering Lab hosted the Environmental Science and Engineering Program (ESEP), organized through the Center for Pre-College Programs, and aimed at introducing post-4th grade students to the world of environmental science and engineering.

It was a special occasion when President Teik C. Lim, First Lady Gina Lim, and Board of Trustees Chairman Robert Cohen, accompanied by other members of the NJIT Board of Trustees, paid a visit to the CEE Department. Their purpose was to observe the “Grow Green” activity, and NJIT's collaboration with the Liberty Science Center. In it, students explored the urban heat island effect. They were given an engineering design challenge, tasking them with creating their own model of a green roof.

The young learners had an exciting time, relishing the opportunity to chat with President Lim and seek advice from the board members. It was a unique chance for them to gain insights from professionals in the field of environmental science and engineering, making the experience all the more enriching.

CEE Honored at the 31st Annual

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Gala

This past April, the CEE department attended and was recognized at NJIT's 31st Annual Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Gala for supporting student chapter SHPE and their mission to propel forward students in STEM. It was a night for reflection, focusing on the influence SHPE has on the Latin community at NJIT. The society holds professional events throughout the semester to help students grow professionally and prepare them for the corporate world. SHPE also focuses on maintaining a family bond with members to provide a support system throughout their journey in college. At events, such as the "How To" workshop series, experts shared valuable insights on elevator pitches, interview skills, LinkedIn and other essential topics. Amid these experiences, SHPE also nurtured their close-knit SHPE familia by organizing cultural celebrations such as 12 Corazones and Latin Night. This previous fall, SHPE provided the opportunity for 30 students to attend the SHPE National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. With stories and experiences shared by past and present SHPE members, this celebration was one to remember.

2023 David Good 3D Printed Bridge Competition

High School Division

Click on the photo above to view participating high schools!

On Sunday, April 30, NJIT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering hosted the 2nd Annual Regional David Good 3D Printed Bridge Competition. Recognized and named by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), this competition originated at NJIT’s inter-collegiate competition in November 2021. This year's event featured 10 high school teams competing for a range of prestigious awards. Participating schools included Edison Academy Magnet School, Glen Ridge High School, Governor Livingston High School, John E. Dwyer Technology Academy, Livingston High School, Memorial High School, Morris Knolls High School and Stem Innovation Academy of the Oranges.

The ASCE 3D Printing Competition showcases the importance of creative thinking within engineering. It allows students to familiarize themselves with the experience of being presented a problem statement, determining a workable solution and producing a 3D bridge. The goal of the competition is to promote the application of 3D printing technology in the field of engineering. Students demonstrate teamwork, organization, analytical skills and creativity throughout the process of the competition and demonstrate structural, computer and design skills.

To give you a glimpse of the event's excitement, watch the recap video capturing the highlights of that day. You can also take a look at our livestream. Please find the results below!

Best Presentation: Morris Knolls

Best Aesthetics: Governor Livingston

Fastest Assembly Time: Memorial Team 2

Stiffest Bridge: Morris Knolls

Largest Load: Edison Academy Magnet

Overall 2nd Place: Governor Livingston

Overall 1st Place: Edison Academy Magnet

To find a draft of the rules for our 2024 David Good 3D Printed Bridge Competition High School Division being held March 8, 2024, click here!

14th Annual John A. Reif Department of Civil and

Environmental Engineering Awards

Every year, the CEE department honors those who go above and beyond for our community at our annual awards celebration. These individuals exhibit outstanding academic performance, leadership, public service or volunteer activities that bring distinction to the CEE department, and for exceptional achievements in their careers.

Congratulations to this year's awardees!

Click on the photo above to view more pictures from the awards ceremony!

Enzo Suarez

First Year Student Award

Enzo is an active member of the ASCE student chapter, participating in site visits and various events throughout the school year. He is a first-generation college student and plans to enroll in the B.S./M.S. program to further his education in the field of civil ngineering.

Saad Rehmatullah

Sophomore Excellence Student Award

Saad is a student at the Albert Dorman Honors College on the City Leadership and Civic Engagement honors educational track. Saad is an undergraduate researcher working with Professor Kolawole in the Geomechanics for Geo-Engineering & Sustainability lab. In April, he presented a mandatory Mead Paper at the 2023 ASCE Metropolitan Student Symposium. This past semester Saad was selected for a $3,000 NSF i-Corps grant and a $3,000 stipend to pursue research from the 2023 Undergraduate Research and Innovation (URI) Summer Fellowship Program. Saad maintains positions as vice president of the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter and is a student ambassador to the Department of Civil Engineering. This summer, Saad continued his second year at the consulting engineering firm, ANS Geo, as a geotechnical intern on weekdays, while furthering his research on campus sponsored by PSEG as part of the NJIT Provost URI Fellowship.


Junior Excellence Student Award

Alexandra is an Albert Dorman Honors College scholar, a member of the ASCE student chapter, and a recent inductee into Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honor society. She is pursuing a minor in the Grand Challenges of Engineering, focusing on the challenge to “Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure” through concrete research in the MatSLab at NJIT. In addition, Alexandra works in the math tutoring center, is the website administrator for her church, and has works in the library on campus. As a student ambassador for the Department of Civil Engineering, she volunteers at open house events and gives presentations about her experience with transportation engineering research. This summer, she interned with Dynamic Engineering Consultants as an Assistant Design Engineer.

Jason Lin

Junior Excellence Student Award

Jason Lin is a junior civil engineering student with a minor in environmental engineering. He has taken on many roles on campus, including CEE student ambassador, New Student Orientation Leader and Learning Communities peer mentor. Jason hopes to continue to excel not only academically, but socially and professionally as well.

Nora Chamesian

Senior Excellence Student Award

Nora started her career at NJIT in the Fall of 2020 after graduating from Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan. In the midst of the pandemic, it could sometimes be difficult to join clubs and organizations, but this did not stop her from participating in NJIT's Wind Ensemble and virtual ASCE events. Fast forward to 2022, Nora became the secretary of the ASCE Student Chapter. Now, she is also part of the Steel Bridge team that went to Nationals in June. She is active in the civil engineering department, a CEE student ambassador, a volunteer in the Colton Cafe, and in helping start a new engineering course, Safe Water on Tap. In addition, she completed two internships, the first with the New York State Department of Transportation as a transport construction inspector, learning about the means and methods of heavy civil construction. In her second internship, she focused on development, while working with Dynamic Engineering Consultants. In addition to her activities on campus, she was the Color Guard Co-Captain of eNVy Winter Guard this past season and is now currently a member of the Hawthorne Caballeros Color Guard.

Nestor Garcia

Student Leadership Award

Nestor served as president of ASCE student chapter his junior year. During his tenure, the chapter emerged successfully from the pandemic and was recognized as NCE’s "Outstanding Student Organization" in 2022. The chapter also won ASCE’s Region 1 "Distinguished Chapter Award" in 2022. Nestor had the honor to represent NJIT nationally. He has enjoyed volunteering on weekends for NJIT’s Experience Day and open houses. He is the recipient of the American Society of Highway Engineers Scholarship Award and the Reif Family Endowed Scholarship. Aside from academics, Nestor worked with Walsh Construction as a full-time project engineer over the summer.

Pedro Bandeira

Student Leadership Award

Pedro Bandeira, born in Brazil and raised in Portugal, passed his teen years in America. He has worked as a construction intern, as a cost-estimating intern, a surveying intern, and as a manager in the hospitality industry. Pedro has competed with the Steel Bridge team, has served as an ASCE Steel Bridge outreach captain, and currently serves as president of the ASCE Student Chapter. Under his leadership, the chapter ASCE has experienced an increase of 110% in attendance of its 13 professional events, two site visits, three community service projects, boasts five award-winning teams. The NJIT ASCE student chapter received an honorable mention by ASCE's national organization.

Lara Rios

Student Leadership Award

Lara Rios has shown remarkable leadership capabilities during her time at NJIT. She took on several roles in the Student Senate, serving as a Civil Engineering Representative, advocating for our students as Director of Student Organizations, supporting student organizations' activities, and as the first Diversity and Inclusion Officer, setting its foundation and starting initiatives. As president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, she led the executive board to take 50 students to conferences, start a tutoring program, enhance the professional workshop series, and build the SHPE familia on campus. She hopes her work has inspired the next generation of leaders at NJIT, while she moves on to work at Gilsanz Murray Steficek starting this summer.

Richard Marsh

Masters Excellence Award

Richard Marsh is an accomplished student and researcher currently completing his master’s degree in environmental engineering. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from NJIT with a minor in applied mathematics. During his undergraduate studies, Richard gained extensive research experience as a research assistant under the guidance of Dr. Jay Meegoda and has continued in this role as a graduate student. Richard's research has focused on the application of ultrasound technology for the remediation of contaminated environmental media and on the reuse of recycled materials. He has worked on several government-funded projects as both an undergraduate and graduate student, including the design and fabrication of recycled glass composite construction materials and products, the remediation of PFAS contaminated soils and sediments, and the remediation of contaminated sediments with ultrasound and ozone nano-bubbles. Richard has authored four journal publications and several poster presentations at various conferences. In the fall, he will be attending Cornell University as a doctoral student in the civil and environmental engineering department with a concentration in environmental processes.

Jin Fan

Doctoral Excellence Award

Jin Fan joined the MatSLab research group in 2018 after enrolling in the Ph.D. Civil Engineering program at NJIT. His research focuses on sustainable structural materials and the numerical investigation of durability issues in ductile concrete materials. Before joining NJIT, Jin earned his B.S. from China's Three Gorges University and his M.S. in bridge engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University. He also gained valuable experience as a bridge engineer, participating in the design of projects such as suspension bridges, large-span steel arch bridges and short-span concrete bridges. His work on novel construction materials has the potential to translate into practical solutions for reducing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources. Jin is the recipient of the China National Fellowship in 2011, the recipient of a "Graduate Award" from ASCE's North Jersey Branch in 2021. Jin is a student member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He will continue his research as a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Davis, California this summer, where he will investigate the impact of construction materials on the environment.

John Lyssikatos

Outstanding Achievement Award

John has worn many hats through the course of his professional career following his graduation from NJIT with a B.S. in engineering technology in 1992. The majority of his work has been in private industry, primarily focused in construction management. John gained experience in various toles of increasing responsibility from expeditor and estimator to project superintendent, project manager and vice president of construction services while employed with Albert Garlatti Construction Co. He also worked for the New York City School Construction Authority (NYSCA) gaining experience as a project officer in the scheduling unit for the boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island. Following his work at the NYSCA, John was licensed as a professional engineer in the States of Delaware and New Jersey. John has also worked as a professional associate for Project Control Associates (PCA), a third-party consulting firm providing due diligence services to the construction lenders. His career portfolio of work is expansive and touched all corners of the tri-state region. During his 13 years at PCA, John found the time to serve the CEE department as an adjunct professor, primarily teaching construction management-focused courses such as CE610, CE611, CE614 and CE616. His efforts were halted the spring of 2018 due to health issues. His recovery in the last five years has centered around the completion of his Ph.D. in civil engineering under the guidance of his committee, led by his adviser, Dr. Fadi Karaa.

Charles Forman

Outstanding Achievement Award

Charles Forman successfully completed a master’s degree this semester on the causes of business failures for civil engineering firms, under the guidance of his advisor Dr. Rayan Assaad. He received a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in 1973 and was a graduate research fellow for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NJIT. During his time with NJIT, he was student senate president, college newspaper editor-in-chief, Omicron Delta Kappa chapter president, and Pi Kappa Phi chapter president. This past May, he graduated with a master’s degree in civil engineering that he started in 1973. Charles is the founder of law firm Forman Holt, and was recently recognized by Best Lawyers of America as "Lawyer of the Year" for Bankruptcy Litigation.

Carlos Lopez

Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Carlos Lopez is a project manager and assistant highway department manager at Michael Baker International, with a focus on the delivery of highway transportation projects throughout the state and region. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from NJIT in 2010 and a master's degree in civil engineering, with a concentration in transportation, in 2011. Since graduating in 2011, he has worked in the consulting engineering industry, in roles of increasing responsibility. During his time at NJIT, Carlos was involved in several student organizations and initiatives, including as resident assistant on campus, in ASCE, on the Student Senate as the Department of Civil Engineering representative and on the board of the Student Activities Council. His passion for involvement led to him joining the ASCE North Jersey Branch Younger Member Group, eventually leading that organization in 2016 as president. Carlos is currently the president of the ASCE North Jersey Branch, representing an organization of nearly 2,000 civil engineers and providing continued professional development and networking opportunities to its members. Carlos has also been involved in the NJ Future City Competition since 2016 as an activities coordinator.

Richard Maser

Distinguished Alumni Award

Richard Maser is the founder of Maser Consulting, a full-service engineering design and consulting company. He served as chief executive officer until January 2020 and executive chairman until February 2021. Maser Consulting was acquired by Colliers International in 2020 and was rebranded as Colliers Engineering & Design. After graduating from NJIT, he joined T&M Associates, an environmental consulting company. He then joined Schoor DePalma, an engineering firm, and was later appointed partner. He started Maser Consulting in 1984. He is a recipient of the following awards: ICON Honors Award in 2017 from NJBIZ; Joshua Huddy Distinguished Citizen Award in 2016 from Boy Scouts of America Monmouth Council; Clara Barton Corporate Humanitarian Award in 2014 from the American Red Cross New Jersey Chapter; and the Excellence in Management Award in 2010 from the American Society of Civil Engineers. He was inducted into the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, NAIOP New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2011. He received his B.S. degree in civil engineering from NJIT in 1973. He received a Alumni Achievement Award in 2014.

A ReaxFF-based Molecular Dynamics Study of the

Destruction of PFAS due to Ultrasound

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been recognized as a growing concern since the early 2000s. Long-term studies have uncovered the detrimental health effects of PFAS. Further research in humans has revealed alterations in kidney and thyroid functions, as well as links to endocrine disruption, carcinogenesis, immunotoxicity and metabolic disruption. The majority of PFAS exposure occurs through drinking water due to its high solubility. The increasing release of PFAS into the environment has become a major concern for national and state regulatory agencies due to the persistence of PFAS in the environment, animals and humans, as well as their resistance to commonly used remediation methods. Currently, the predominant approach for addressing the PFAS challenge involves adsorption techniques to contain PFAS and separate it from water. However, this method leads to the generation of highly concentrated PFAS waste, which still poses risks to both society and the environment. Sonochemistry has emerged as a promising solution as it enables the complete degradation of PFAS without generating any harmful byproducts. 

This manuscript makes a substantial and noteworthy contribution to the scientific community by offering valuable insights into the complex mechanisms involved in PFAS degradation through the use of ultrasound. The main thrust of this research was to perform ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulations to understand the sonolytic decomposition of PFOA and PFOS. The destruction analysis was simulated at high temperatures over a very small time period (8 nanoseconds), mimicking the temperatures generated during the implosion of a nanobubble. The findings presented in this study not only deepen the understanding of the intricate processes at play, but also provide crucial information regarding the identification of compounds that can enhance the degradation of PFAS. The simulations performed will enable researchers to predict PFAS behavior under varying conditions without the need for expensive laboratory experiments, and assist researchers in developing more effective and efficient strategies to address PFAS contamination. Ultimately, this work will accelerate progress toward addressing the PFAS issue. Read More

CEE Students Take Water Samples of Impaired Lakes

to Develop Watershed Management Plans

Guided by Michel Boufadel, students in the environmental engineering program secured grant funding from the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection to develop watershed management plans for impaired lakes in New Jersey. Spearheading this research are Sam Solomon and Meghana PJ, both prominent members of our environmental engineering cohort. Joining them are three high school students from Houston, Texas and two from Union City, N.J., amid their summer program at the College of Natural Resources. Providing students with the chance to experience a typical field day, they donned laboratory gear, journeyed to Passaic County and conducted water quality tests for reference. They conducted meticulous sampling to identify nutrients and organic matter. Then they returned to Colton Hall to use the Center for Natural Resources Lab to analyze them.

Many regions, particularly bodies of water influenced by urban inflow and outflow, face pollution challenges. Among the questions these students are investigating, a key focus is on identifying incoming pollutants that contribute to contamination. Such contamination can adversely affect aquatic life and vegetation, while also depleting the dissolved oxygen levels in the water. Elevated levels of nitrates or phosphates can lead to complications, highlighting the essential nature of laboratory analysis. The primary objective centers on amassing lake data to ascertain the necessity for watershed interventions. While the students from Texas have returned home, there remains a substantial amount of work to be accomplished to fully develop these watershed management plans.

Water Remediation

Harvesting the Toxic Blooms of Summer

Amid summer’s cornucopia, there is one proliferation that is universally dreaded: the toxic algae blooms that float on lakes and streams, killing fish, gobbling oxygen from the water and chasing away swimmers. Composed of tiny organisms such as single-cell phytoplankton, microalgae and cyanobacteria, the phosphorescent blue-green clusters are impossible to miss, but difficult to capture.

“Compared to weeds and other aquatic plants, microalgae are tiny — between 1 and 10 micrometers in width — and so there is no easy way to remove them mechanically,” explains Wen Zhang, director of NJIT’s Sustainable Environmental Nanotechnology and Nanointerfaces Laboratory, who is working with a team of biologists, engineers and entrepreneurs on a new plan of attack.

Last summer, the team launched a custom-designed boat on New Jersey’s Deal Lake that scooped up algae-laden water for treatment on board. Central to the technology is a device that injects nano- and microbubbles of air into the lake, lifting algae from as deep as four feet to the surface for collection by skimmers.

Researchers have discovered that tiny bubbles have a host of useful properties. Suspended in liquids, they have a high degree of stability against dissolution and collapse. Their high surface area and their random movements allow them to move materials around, including nutrients, to enhance plant growth, ozone used in bacteria disinfection and oxygen needed to aerate hypoxic environments. Read More

Rosnardy Martinez

The College Tour, TV Series

NJIT recently welcomed to campus the TV series The College Tour, which explores the diverse landscape of colleges and universities nationwide. During the visit, the show engaged with Rosnardy Martinez, a senior civil engineering student. Each episode tells the story of a college through the lens of its students.

She shares, “Thank you to @thecollegetourtv en Español for allowing me to speak about my experience at NJIT and how they continue to make engineers with people like myself. I hope my story inspires and motivates young teens in the Hispanic community to realize their potential and keep reaching new heights. A big thank you to the production team who were amazing and made the experience that much better! Looking forward to watching this episode coming out soon, available on Amazon Prime Video!”

Rosnardy recently held the position of secretary on the executive board for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at NJIT. Additionally, she took the lead in hosting the NJIT SHPE 31st Annual Gala last April. Her active involvement with SHPE led her to attend the inaugural Northeast LeaderSHPE Live Conference in Arlington, Va. Prior to this, she served as a student tutor, showcasing her commitment to academic support and excellence.

Adam Lamnini

2023 Moles Scholarship

Adam Lamnini, currently in his senior year of civil engineering, was awarded the 2023 Moles Scholarship. With an impressive GPA of 3.86, he takes great pride in his academic achievements and consistently strives for excellence in all aspects of his education. His dedication and hard work earned him admission to the master's program at NJIT.

In the past, Adam faced some challenges with his commute, which unfortunately led him to leave his previous internship in the heavy construction field with El Sole. However, he didn't let this setback deter him and managed to secure a new internship with the structural department at Popli Design Group in NYC.

Besides his internship, Adam is taking a three-credit class during the summer to expedite his graduation timeline. He is particularly proud to have been awarded the prestigious Moles Scholarship, a recognition given to only two students. As he looks towards the future, his goal is to specialize in either structural or geotechnical engineering, paving the way for a promising career in the field.

Yan Zhang

Recipient of ACCELNET 3D Concrete Printing Workshop Travel Award

In June, Ph.D. student Yan Zhang was selected for the ACCELNET 3D Concrete Printing Ph.D./Postdoctorate Workshop at the University of Texas at Austin. The award included accommodations in UT Austin's dormitory-style housing, a travel stipend and the chance to network with like-minded individuals. During the workshop, participants enjoyed an enriching experience organized by esteemed institutions such as Arizona State University, Columbia University, UT Austin, UCLA, Purdue, and the National Science Foundation. The primary focus of the event was to explore the various applications of 3D printing technology in civil engineering.

Yan mentions, "The event was a resounding success, thanks to the invaluable contributions of prominent professors from UT Austin and material scientists from leading architectural companies. They covered a wide array of topics, including rheology, practical utilization of 3D printing equipment and 3D modeling with specialized software, and provided us with an insightful tour of 3D-printed houses."

Antonio Rodriguez

Appointed External Vice-President for the 23-24 SHPE Executive Board

Anthony Rodriguez Diaz is a fifth-year civil engineering/environmental science student and is the external vice president for the NJIT Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Ecuadorian-American and raised by a single mother, he was born in Newark in 2001. His passion for civil engineering was jump started by the City of Newark’s lead crisis, which drastically affected him during his time in high school. “All our water fountains had to be shut down and the students were not allowed to bring open water bottles from home. It was a constant struggle to get a drink of water if you didn’t bring water bottles from home," Anthony recalls. After researching engineering disciplines prior to graduating from high school, civil and environmental engineering caught his eye. His goal was and continues to be reducing contamination during the development of construction and discovering solutions to environmental crises in underrepresented communities.

Furthermore, with this passion for helping his community, Anthony landed an internship with Roman E&G as an assistant project coordinator for Newark’s lead pipe replacement program in 2019. He helped coordinate and schedule more than 100 lead pipe replacements throughout the city. Currently, he is completing a 10-week summer internship in Wallingford, Conn. at Burns & McDonnell as a project controls specialist assistant. Anthony is looking forward to gaining experience in project controls to use in his journey to one day become a professional engineer in his field. He also hopes to be an inspiration to other students like him who come from a similar background.

Larissa Cavalcante

Appointed Marketing Director for the 23-24 SHPE Executive Board

Larissa Cavalcante is a third-year civil engineering major student and a member of the Albert Dorman Honors College. She is also on the e-board as a marketing director for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), a CEE ambassador, and was recently elected as the civil engineering representative to NJIT’s Senate. Initially going for structural engineering, she fell in love with geotechnical engineering her second year through her research in Dr. Kolawole’s Geomechanics for Geo-Engineering & Sustainability (GGES) Lab. Over the summer, Larissa worked on an abstract through the Honors Summer Research Institute to be presented at a 2023 ASCE conference. She currently works at Langan Engineering as a civil engineering intern. In the coming years, she hopes to strengthen her professional skills and continue to gain exposure to the field while pursuing a master's degree.

Mary Ngoma

Attends 57th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium

Mary Ngoma, a Ph.D. student under the guidance of professor Oladoyin Kolawole, and also the president of the American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA) student chapter, recently represented our Geomechanics for Geo-Engineering & Sustainability (GGES) Lab at the 57th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium in Atlanta. She presented a research project on “Sub-Core Scale Characterization of Microbial Invasion Impact in Carbonates: Implications for Mechanical Alteration” and a review on the “Impact of Geomechanics on Hydrothermal Fluid Pathways in Enhanced Geothermal Systems”. She also accepted the ARMA NJIT Chapter Official Recognition Award from Gang Han, the immediate past ARMA president.

Mary earned her B.S. degree in civil engineering from Hope College in Michigan, and has published peer-reviewed journal and conference papers related to biogeomechanics, geotechnical engineering and earthquake engineering. While these hold her interest, she is also passionate about sustainability and civil infrastructure. Currently, she is spending her summer as a geotechnical engineering Intern at Langan Engineering & Environmental Services. Balancing her academic commitments, she remains dedicated to exploring the experimental and numerical aspects of multi-scale damage processes in rocks and rock-like materials under various loading conditions. This research holds significant implications for sustainability, energy and environmental applications.

Xi Hu, Yasser Jezzini, Ghiwa Assaf, & Mohsen Mohammadi

Attend 2023 ASCE International on Computing in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering Ph.D. students from the Smart Construction and Intelligent Infrastructure Lab (SCIIS) made their mark at the 2023 ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering (i3ce2023), hosted at Oregon State University. Among the participants were Xi Hu, Yasser Jezzini, Ghiwa Assaf and Mohsen Mohammadi, whose research was presented at this event. This conference featured a diverse collection of workshops, sessions and courses, as well as speakers and experts who are leaders and innovators in the computing science and civil engineering fields.

Under the guidance of professor Rayan Assaad, students presented an impressive showcase of their current research through eight thought-provoking papers and presentations. Topics included urban heat island effects, climate change, IoT devices and smart cities. One contribution was a recent paper entitled "Expert Knowledge–Guided Bayesian Belief Networks for Predicting Bridge Pile Capacity," which has been published in the ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering. This publication highlights their dedication to advancing knowledge and making valuable contributions to the civil engineering discipline.

2023 American Society of Civil Engineers Researcher of the Year

Taha Marhaba, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE

Congratulations to our very own Chairman and Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Taha Marhaba, for receiving this year's ASCE NJ Section Researcher of the Year Award. This award is presented to an individual who has conducted novel, innovative, applied research that has been impactful to the civil engineering industry. He earned a bachelor's, master's, and doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Rutgers University, whose alumni engineering society in 2010 awarded him the “Distinguished Engineer” Medal of Excellence. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He serves on State of New Jersey Water Supply Advisory Council where he holds the only academic seat in the state. Since joining NJIT in 1995, he served as principal/co-principal investigator for 40 research grants funded by federal, state and industrial sources, totaling approximately $18M. He has been advisor/co-advisor to 17 doctoral students, many of whom have attained either industry or faculty positions at universities around the world. Dr. Marhaba’s overarching research interests include cross-disciplinary applied research in resilient and sustainable civil/environmental/transportation infrastructure systems and management, taking into consideration environmental and public health protection. He pioneered the development of spectral fluorescent signatures as a rapid characterization technique for problematic compounds and the development of nanobubbles as a green ecofriendly treatment technique for the removal of contaminants. He collaborated on research with numerous faculty, industry, national and international scholars, which resulted in the advancement and sustainability of his and the CEE department’s research activities. During his tenure, the CEE department has experienced significant growth in impactful research programs with a focus on sustainable environment, resilient infrastructure and Intelligent transportation systems. Dr. Marhaba’s scholarly work is published in books and book chapters, refereed journals, conference proceedings and technical reports, and is highly cited. 

Recently Named Distinguised Professor

Jay Meegoda, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Jay N. Meegoda, a civil and environmental engineering professor at NJIT, was recently named a distinguished professor. He has been working in education, consulting, and research for over 30 years. Earning this title is intended for individuals whose accomplishments significantly exceed those of professors, and include a sustained record of nationally and internationally recognized preeminence in their field of expertise. He utilizes scientific concepts and engineering technologies in his research to provide solutions to real-world problems. Dr. Meegoda has worked with state, local, and foreign governments to provide technical input for a broad range of problems. As a principal investigator, Dr. Meegoda has successfully concluded several multidisciplinary research projects worth over $7M from agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Army, the Federal Highway Administration, the N.J. Department of Transportation and the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection that impacted society substantially. Some of those technologies are now extensively used, while others will be commercialized. He has published over 200 papers. He had many research collaborations with many nations spanning all five continents. He received the research implementation award from the New Jersey Department of Transportation in 2011 for his research on culvert information management research; the best theoretical paper award from the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE in May 2012 for his collaborative research with China; and the best practice paper award from the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE in May 2001 for a paper describing the results of one U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SITE demonstration project. He was instrumental in setting up the NJIT chapter of Engineers without Borders and is currently the faculty advisor for the chapter.

Appointed Advisor for MS programs in

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Matthew Adams, Ph.D., FACI

Taking over for Fadi Karaa, Dr. Adams is the newest advisor for master's programs for CEE. He is the co-director for the Materials and Structures Laboratory (MatsLab) at NJIT, where he leads a diverse team of graduate and undergraduate research assistants in research studies of local, national and international importance to the concrete, construction, infrastructure and sustainability communities. Dr. Adams is an expert in the chemistry and durability performance of cementitious systems for use in infrastructure. He joined NJIT as an assistant professor of civil engineering in September of 2015 after completing his M.S and Ph.D. at Oregon State University. Prior to graduate school, he worked as a structural design consultant in Boston for several years after graduating with a B.S. from the University of New Hampshire. His background is in the performance and chemistry of concrete materials, including systems with alternative cements, supplementary cementitious materials, recycled aggregates, and fibers. Dr. Adams teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of construction materials, concrete durability and sustainable engineering. He is heavily involved with the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and ASTM International, holding officer and voting memberships in both organizations. He won the ACI "Young Member Award for Professional Achievement" (2015) and was named an ACI Fellow. In 2019, he was awarded the Newark College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching award. In 2020, he was named a Richard P. Nathan Public Policy Fellow at the Rockefeller Institute for Government.

Diego Melgar

Receives Wayne A. Crew National Academy of Construction (NAC) Scholarship

After earning a bachelor's degree in civil engineering in 2021, Diego Melgar continued his M.S. here at NJIT. He is the first recipient of the Academy's Wayne A. Crew National Academy of Construction Scholarship, and awarded $5,000. Established in 2022, the scholarship recognizes an outstanding student who has persisted and demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. Originally from El Salvador, Diego immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 13 and has overcome many hardships in the process of acclimating to differences from his country of origin. Currently employed as a geotechnical engineer, particular interests to him are sustainable design and renewable energy. His recent work on a high-rise residential building in Jersey City has instilled in him deep respect for construction management and has inspired him to further understand the CM role in major construction projects. Diego strategically balances his studies and full-time work schedule, and is constantly striving for excellence. He has a strong desire to become a college professor to help motivate other aspiring future engineers.

Andrew P. Christ, P.E., '94, '01

Elected to the National Academy of Construction

and Recognized as Outstanding Alumnus at the 25th Annual Newark College of Engineering (NCE) Salute to Engineering Excellence

Reporting to the president of NJIT as Senior Vice President of Real Estate Development and Capital Operations, Andrew Christ oversees real estate development, facilities services, campus

planning, design and construction, facilities systems,

transportation and parking, public safety, campus

health services, and environmental health and safety. He holds a bachelor's and master of science in civil engineering from NJIT.

The National Academy of Construction recently recognized Christ, the fifth Highlander to join the academy. This group includes exceptional leaders from across the construction industry, including construction managers, contractors, designers, educators and financial managers, who advance the industry through innovation and lasting improvements.

Prior to joining NJIT in 2014, his experience included leadership and technical positions in the pharmaceutical, auto and consulting engineering industries, and in New Jersey higher education institutions. His volunteer efforts include serving his hometown as a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years, serving as past planning board chair, and as a member of Sigma Pi Fraternity International.

NCE also recognized Christ this year, with an Outstanding Alumni Award at its 25th Salute to Engineering Excellence.

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Mining and Modeling the Direct and Indirect Causalities Among Factors Affecting the Urban Heat Island Severity Using Structural Machine Learned Bayesian Networks

Ghiwa Assaf, Xi Hu, Rayan H. Assaad

Elsevier Urban Climate

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An Experimental Case Study on Forum-Based Online Teaching to Improve Student's Engagement and Motivation in Higher Education

Wen Zhang, Xiaowei Kang

Interactive Learning Environments

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Characterization and Modelling of Water Mixing Energies and Particle Behavior During Wave Generation in CanmetENERGY Devon Spill Test Tank

Ruixue Liu, Cosan Daskiran, Abhishek Mukherjee, Qin Xin, Fangda Cui, Simone Marras, Hena Farooqi, Heather Dettman, Michel Boufadel

Ocean Engineering

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Coupled Experimental Assessment and Machine Learning Prediction of Mechanical Integrity of MICP and Cement Paste as Underground Plugging Materials

Oladoyin Kolawole, Rayan H. Assaad, Matthew P. Adams, Mary C. Ngoma, Alexander Anya, Ghiwa Assaf


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Application of Hybrid Support Vector Machine Models in Analysis of Work Zone Crash Injury Severity

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A Path to a Reduction in Micro and Nanoplastics Pollution

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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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The CEE Industrial Advisory Board represents a diverse cross section of civil and environmental engineering professionals including design consultants construction managers, contractors, and attorneys.

Maurice Rached, P.E. (Chair)

Maser Consulting

Ted Cassera, P.E., ‘72

Omland Engineering Associates

Anthony Castillo, P,E., '95, '02

SESI Consulting Engineers

Anthony J. DeJohn

WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff

Muhammad Elgammal, P.E., P.M.P, '12, '15


Jerome F. Gallagher Jr., Esq., ‘80

Norris McLaughlin, P.A.

James Giurintano, P.E., P.P.,CME, '94

Bowman Consulting

Andre Grebenstein, LEED AP '95

HITT Contracting Inc.

Gareth C. Middleton, P.E, '93, '04

Tishman Construction, an AECOM Company

Áine O’Dwyer, P.E., ​'07, '08

Enovate Engineering

Chrissa D. Roessner, P.E., '02

State of New Jersey, Transportation

Kenneth Sisk

The Rinaldi Group

Joseph Stanley, P.E., '78, '85

Hatch Mott MacDonald

Wei Wang, Ph.D., '95

Urban Tech, Inc.

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