EB-5 Parent Company Aemetis Updates

Aemetis is a part of the climate change solution, by generating sustainable and innovative renewable fuel solutions that benefit communities, restore our environment, and is aligned with the White House goal of achieving real energy independence and commitment to a long-term strategy to spur smart development and adoption of sustainable, homegrown fuels.

Aemetis leads the low-carbon fuels industry by building a "circular bioeconomy" utilizing agricultural waste to produce advanced renewable fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.​

Here is an image from the Aemetis website that summarizes their business of refining low carbon to carbon negative biofuels from feedstock that would otherwise be generating pollution. They describe this as a "circular bioeconomy" model.

It is obvious that Aemetis is not like other biofuel companies, they are not reliant on feedstock that could otherwise be food.

Rather, Aemetis is taking agricultural waste that would otherwise put methane and CO2 into the air and refining it to replace fossil fuels. In addition, when their carbon capture site is ready, they will in many cases, be carbon negative.

Aemetis Fundamentals

See links below, Aemetis operates in four businesses:

Biofuels Demand

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), growth rates for biodiesel in the U.S. are projected to be above 10% through 2030. In Europe and Asia biodiesel growth rates will be higher as both search for energy security and Asia has much of the economic growth in the world.

Please take note of the growth rate because most of the global economy is not growing double digits. In addition, as noted by the EIA, in the U.S., there has developed a refining shortage in the past 3 years.

The AAPK EB-5 project is in prime position with multiple investor petition approvals. AAPK is a phase 2 project following a successful phase 1 project with over 70 investor approvals. Phase One Keyes Plant photo below.

EB-5 Project Description

The Targeted Employment Area (TEA) Phase 2 Front End Riverbank facility will use waste wood that accumulates every year out of the California central valley, turning it into cellulosic ethanol that's used as an additive to gasoline to reduce emissions. The EB-5 project investment is $800,000, the lowest of the two EB-5 investment opportunities. The plant is currently under development in Riverbank, California.

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About the Regional Center

California Energy Investment Center, LLC ("CEIC") was approved on August 12, 2009. CEIC's strong track record and history of success have provided EB-5 opportunities that have created over $4 billion in capital investment with the creation of over 20,000 jobs in high unemployment areas.

The CEIC has offices in Cupertino (California's Silicon Valley), Fresno (California's Central Valley), and near Sacramento (California's State Capitol).

CEIC Website

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California Renewable Fuels EB-5 Project!

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CEIC Regional Center Petition Statistical Data

      726 I-526 Filed

      712 I-526 Approved

      9 I-526 Pending

      243 I-829 Filed

      191 I-829 Approved

      43 I-829 Pending

      $363,000,000.00 EB-5 Capital Investment

      $104,500,000.00 EB-5 Capital Investment Returned to Investors

      $2.5 Billion in Non-EB-5 Capital Invest Created in the Region

      Over 20,000 Jobs Created in the Region

How many CEIC EB-5 investors have been refunded their capital?

207 CEIC investors have received ($103.5 million) return of investment.

Contact Regional Center

California Energy Investment Center, LLC

Mr. Michael Penbera, Executive Director

[email protected]

(916) 990-6599


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