March 2017

Twenty years ago, the National Education Association (NEA) decided to do something BIG to get kids excited about reading. They called it NEA's Read Across America. Launched and celebrated annually on Dr. Seuss's birthday, March 2, it was-and still is-the largest celebration of reading this country has ever seen. This March, we ask you to join us in celebrating this great initiative by participating in our project with your children at home or in the classroom!


Join our project by participating in one or MORE of the Dr. Seuss book/activity blocks below.... 
find another Dr. Seuss book and activity on one of the links at the bottom of the page.  
 Check out your local library for a copy of Dr. Seuss books.

Complete the Parent/or Provider Survey by  April 8th and receive a book mark and certificate!



1. If I Ran The Zoo     

After reading "If I Ran the Zoo" by Dr. Seuss, students create their own new species of animal to put in the zoo and write about their animal.

CLICK HERE for template

2.  The Cat in the Hat   

After reading The Cat in the Hat, use the template provided and let your child draw and tell a story about what would happen if the cat came to visit them!  If your child is not able to write, let them dictate the story for you to write down.

CLICK HERE for template

3.   One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish 

This fishbowl craft is especially fun because the paint is actually colored corn syrup-which dries shiny and glossy!

Here's what you'll need: construction paper (white and various colors), scissors, corn syrup, food coloring, paintbrushes and clear plastic wrap (optional).

1. Cut out a fishbowl shape from a piece of cardstock or construction paper. I folded ours in half to make it symmetrical. :)

2. Cut out several small fish from the colored construction paper.

3. Pour some corn syrup into a shallow dish and add a few drops of food coloring. Then mix.

4. Set out all the materials and let your child paint the corn syrup onto the fishbowl shape.

5. Add the fish on top (the corn syrup acts as glue).

6. Let dry completely. The corn syrup will stay shiny even after it has dried!

Optional: Cover the front of the fishbowl with clear plastic wrap for a glassy look.

4. There's a Wocket in my Pocket!

Before reading the book There's a Wocket in my Pocket, talk to your child about real and silly words like wocket, zelf, and yeps. Then read the book aloud, looking for the silly words and silly creatures. After you can also talk about how much rhyming you could hear in the story.
Ask your child to draw some silly creatures and then cut  them out. Hide the creatures around the house and give silly rhyming clues like...there's a SOVEN in the ____ (oven); There's a ZIANO on the ____ (piano); There's a Welevision on the _____________ (television). Let your child try and find them.

5.  ABC

After reading Dr. Seuss's ABC book, put some shaving cream on the counter or a plate and let your child write the ABC's using their finger.


6.  Yertle the Turtle

After reading Yertle the Turtle, let your child make a turtle using a paper plate, crayons and construction paper.

7. What Pet Should I Get Guessing Game

What you will need:
Book "What Pet Should I Get" by Dr. Seuss 
A wipes container or box
Some decorative items for your feeley box
Play plastic animals


Make a feeley box out of a wipes container or another container or box. After reading the

 book "What Pet Should I Get?" lay out the animals and talk about their different features (tails, big ears, fur) and if they'd make a good or bad pet.

Next, take all the animals out of sight and hide only one of them inside the feeley box container. Let your child feel around and decide which pet they think is hiding inside!

For additional activities check out the Dr. Seuss or pinterest website below!



Dr. Seuss Website  (tons of games and activities) 

NEA Resources for Parents  

(Great handout for teachers to send home!)

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