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 CANDICE was SPECTACULAR last night -- She did herself and her Hometown proud and I am willing to bet she will be in Beaufort this weekend for a CELEBRATION
There are a lot of people preparing for
Candice's Homecoming This Weekend . . .
and we need your help to make it what it can be!
Knowing our Idol would rebound from last week's cold, Beaufort,Port Royal, Ladys Island and County law enforcement and fire officials have been working with the Chamber of Commerce since the weekend planning the very special homecoming.
We anticipate large crowds in small places, but are confident it will be a safe and exciting event. Given this is all coming together very,very fast, we ask for your patience getting in and out of the events and while you at the events in our precious downtown.    
Though American Idol has the final say in this "Television Production," where we are the "live audience", as of this moment, we anticipate a short Parade at 5 pm, following The Taste of Beaufort and a performance by Candice at 7 pm.
The parade will assemble on Bladen Steet and travel down Bay to Newcastle where it will turn left and then left again on Craven. 
(Note this is parade route is different from what we do at Christmas and other special occasions).
The performance will take place on a stage at the intersection of Charles and Bay Streets allowing for a larger audience than the Waterfront Park can accomodate.
Stay tuned and I look forward to seeing you there. 
To make this event the best it can be, we need a little help from You.
Because Candice's visit will be video taped by American Idol and played on the next show, we get a free three to five minute commercial showing the best hometown in the world(Between production and taping costs and world wide broadcast, this is a multi million dollar value)
But nothing really comes free since American Idol expects the hometown to foot the bill for producing the event . . . we need to compensate overtime public safey officers for traffic management and security, pay for staging, sound and lighting contractors out and a host of other associated costs estimated at up to $50,000.
If we all chip in $5, $10, $25 or more, we will reach this goal.  I wrote my check for $100 last night and hope each of you will reach into your pockets a little to help. 
Checks should be made Payable to Candice Glover Community Celebration Fund and dropped  off at First Citizens Bank at the Corner of Charles and Bay Streets or the Beaufort Chamber at the Carnegie Building at the Corner of Craven and Carteret Streets. 
If you have a paypal account, go to & sign in- then choose "send money" - on that page, enter for "to" and then the amount, then select "sending funds to family or friends".  The next page will confirm donation amount & allow you to send a message with your donation, the choose SEND MONEY button. That should do it!!! 
Time is short and there is a lot to do.  Hoping you can help out to make this the event of Candice's life and a hugely successful thank you from her hometown.
Thanks for all of your votes and whatever spare change you might be able to contribute.
If by some chance, which I do not think is likely, the homecoming will likely be postponed as we are told that even if eliminated, Candice will have some responsibilities with American Idol before she returns to Beaufort.  But I do not think that will be the case.




Courtesy of Beaufort's Own "Mr Radio," Mark Robertson, the following link will take you to last nights American Idol where you can scroll through all of the singers or just watch Candice's two exceptional performances.  Thankyou Mark.


It takes a little patience as each performance is preceeded by a 30 second ad, but well worth the wait.

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Riverview  Riverview Presentation   

Riverview Students Give Back to the Community


Last Tuesday, the teachers and students of Riverview Charter School were proud to present their evidence of learning to Mayor Keyserling and the Beaufort City Council. 


The council learned how over 400 Riverview students enthusiastically beautified Beaufort during their school-wide service learning project for the spring. 


To give back to their community,  students picked up litter and tree debris, painted street signs and fire hydrants, and dusted and cleaned historical buildings in the community to include the Heritage Naval Park, the Port Royal Cypress Wetlands, Penn Center on St. Helena, Hunting Island Nature Center, Fort Fremont and The Point. 


 After their hard work, students returned to school to create works of art using treasures and trash found in the environment during their beautification. Several art pieces are currently on display at City Hall. 


Sixth graders, Kidron Martin, AnnaLee Chiaviello, and Audriana Heath along with their teacher, Elizabeth Hargrove, spoke on behalf of the school during the presentation to City Council.  Several parents joined 6th grade teachers Deborah Mixon, and Katie Marsh, along with Lisa Clancy, the school's Creative Arts teacher, and Donna Haram, Instructional Leader, to celebrate the stewardship demonstrated by the students of Riverview.

Little Mermaid  
Arts Quilts