Celebrating Ten Years of Casa Belvedere
“A dream is only as good as those who believe in your dream, and those who help carry your dream forward to its fruition. For that, I am very grateful to our Founding & Current Members, Board of Directors, Major BenefactorsCapital Improvement In-kind DonorsVolunteers, Ambassadors, and Sponsors. I offer a heartfelt thank you to each of you who believed in me from the beginning, as well as those who are new to the organization. “One is silver, the other is gold.” 

Historic Preservation
This year the United States commemorates the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, providing an important opportunity to celebrate the places where women made history. 
The National Trust for Historic Preservation tells the full stories of women across the centuries whose vision, passion, and determination have shaped the country we are today. 
Discover 1,000 places connected to women’s history, including Casa Belvedere.
Restoration Progress
Friends and members, three-quarters of Casa Belvedere’s transformation from a once abandoned & dilapidated building is done, our ADA-compliant elevator/stair tower is almost complete, the exterior has been painted, and the grounds further beautified. Now we need to finish restoring the two upper floors to provide educational, historical and cultural activities open to all, and not just those of Italian descent. Check out our restoration page for more information.
In The News
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Columbus Day 2020
Columbus Citizens Foundation, 
Organizer Of New York City's Columbus Day Parade For Over 75 Years, Announces Plans For A Virtual 
Columbus Day Celebration For 2020

Foundation President Marian Pardo 
and Board Chair Angelo Vivolo Work to Create an Italian and Italian American Heritage Celebration
Virtual Celebration Will Air Monday, Oct. 12 (12:30 - 2:00 p.m. EDT) 
as a 90-Minute Special on ABC7/WABC-TV New York and Stream Live at abc7ny.com
Movies Under the Stars
"Celebrating 100 Years of Alberto Sordi"
the famous Italian actor who depicted Italy's virtues and vices in more than 160 movies and
contributed to making Italian comedy famous worldwide.
October 6 • 7:30pm
Il Presidente del Borgorosso
The President of Borgorosso Football Club 
(1970) by Luigi Filippo d’Amico

Hilarious comedy on the world of football fans. In 1970 the football sports industry was nothing new, but a comedy/comical film about it definitely was. Albero Sordi plays the part of Benito Fornaciari, a pale, religiously devout Catholic Upper Middle-class Italian, who inherits from a long-lost uncle a minor league football club. He decides to visit the club so as to sell it. But the local population has other ideas and gradually his initial reservations about football slowly erode away to be replaced by an almost fanatical devotion to “his” football club, to the point that he abandons his family, friends and hometown.
Upcoming Fall Classes and Programs
”L’Arte al Femminile”
A premier exhibit of female Italian-American artists’ work, sponsored by the Italian Cultural Foundation in partnership with NOIAW (National Organization Italian American Women). The public will be invited to view this extraordinary display of talent in Casa Belvedere’s Bacco Room. Dates and hours of viewings will be published soon. Look for the “L’Arte al Femminile” link on our website.
An important “Call to Action” from 
Vice-Chairman Michael Pucciarelli 
“Fellow members and friends, together we can get to the finish line and celebrate “10 Years of Casa Belvedere” with a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony and other festivities! Your donation, big or small, in-kind or monetary, will help bring the transformation of this “Gem on the Hill (SI Advance) to completion. You can make a difference!”. Read more

Various Membership Levels Now Available!
Casa Belvedere is not just a dining club.
We are an arts and cultural community center open to all! 

Experience what it’s like to have Casa Belvedere become part of your life! 
Rennaisance Circle Membership begin at $200  
Limited number of opportunities available in each category.
Welcome New 2020 Members
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Aiello
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Ardizzone
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Bellmier
Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Benigno
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bentivegna
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Buonocore
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Burke
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Cardona
Mr. & Mrs. Frederico G. Cipriani Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Steven R. Cisternas
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Comito
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D'Aurin
Mr. & Mrs. Nick V. Defonte
Mr. & Mrs. Steven DellaSalla
Mr. & Mrs. Carmine DeSantis
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. DeVito
Dr. & Mrs. James DiGiuseppi
Mr. & Mrs. Philip DiPietro
Deborah Fafian
Nicole A. Fioretta
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Foder
Mr. & Mrs. John Fortunato
Mr. & Mrs. Anselmo S. Genovese
William J. Grace & Lisa Antenucci
Linda Graffagnino
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Huang
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Iommazzo
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Libertelli
Scott LoBaido
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Lombardi
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Noce
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Pecoraro
The Penrose Family
Francine Pugliese
Mr. & Mrs. Philip P. Ressa
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. John Sabino
Mr. & Mrs. James Stolpinski
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Sugrue
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Tanachion
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tranchina
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Valentino
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Zolfo
Pietro Barone
Mr. & Mrs. Samir Lazoja
Mr. & Mrs. Roger P. Morace
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Palacino
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Palladino
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Scalici
Dr. Elizabeth A. Basile
Christopher Benbow & Nancy Meyers
Dr. Noreen Eskanzi
Dr. Jacqueline Crispino
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Gillen
Mr. & Mrs. Surendra Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Petrazzuolo
Coffee Chats
Throughout the quarantine we learned, 
we laughed, we shared our stories, we got emotional and we became a family!

Learn why Italy’s way of life has been dubbed “The Sweet Life” via these educational feature articles and live chats that travel through Italy’s culture, cuisine and picturesque destinations. 
Italy’s Coffee Culture
Naples Culinary Tour
The role of mothers in Italy
Italian Fathers
Summer Music Festivals
Italy’s Gorgeous Lakes
You can access our full library of articles here.   
You can view our live chats on-demand here
Nonno's Garden 
Dedicated to the late Vito Biancardi
Nonno’s Garden is a volunteer-based community cultural project created to keep the ancient traditions of vegetable, herb and fruit gardening alive, while teaching the value of fresh produce to all.
A special thanks to Carmen DeVito and Cosmo Romeo for taking the lead in this project and to all our dedicated volunteers that help our garden grow and regularly maintain the beautiful garden: 
Sue Ellen Bozzi,  
Noreen Eskanzi, Erica Martin, Anna Pallotta, Maria Petersen, Ella Rizzo & Angela Romeo.
For more information on our volunteer gardening project,
email our program director at beatrice@casa-belvedere.org
“My Dad Can Cook" in Cucina Colavita
Thousands of viewers enjoyed this weekly series of live cooking demonstrations devoted to a dad and his daughters spending time together. Did you miss any of the six shows? Learn from James, Rosemary and Sophia Paone as they cook Italian-inspired meals using locally sourced fresh ingredients!

Stay tuned for more “My Dad Can Cook” free cooking demonstrations coming soon for the holiday season!!
Summer 2020 Bocce Tournament
The Summer 2020 Bocce Tournament started on July 15 with 14 teams and it is still in progress. Players enjoy spending time with friends in the beautiful outdoor space while waiting for their turn to play. After the games, many player stay for a delicious al fresco dinner. The games take place every Wednesday until mid-October. 

If you are interested in joining for the 
Spring tournament, please write to beatrice@casa-belvedere.org
We want to thank our members/players for their generous response to our appeal for donations to offset the $5,200 cost of the resurfacing material. 
Macchine e Macchiato
Gatherings of Coffee, Cars and Cannoli
On various Sunday mornings members of the Northeast Italian Car Club gather and transform Casa Belvedere’s sprawling front lawn to a showcase of Italian Luxury Vehicles. They also view Formula 1 Races in Casa’s” Bacco Room” while enjoying a light breakfast.  
On August 30 over 40 NEICC members were in attendance with their Italian luxury vehicles ranging from vintage to brand new Italian Marques. Cars displayed totaled in value at well over 1 million dollars.
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