March 2020
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Reflections on Work & Life
Brad Harrington, Executive Director

Well, it’s been a month like no other. I hope that you are staying healthy and, like all of you, I pray this terrible crisis passes soon. 

Because of the outbreak of Coronavirus many employees have been asked, or more likely told, to work from home for the coming weeks (or possibly months). While work from home programs are the norm in many organizations today, for others this is a new undertaking. History has shown that organizations that have developed the competencies to manage a remote workforce are in the best position to maintain business continuity when a crisis strikes - think 9/11 or Hurricanes Katrina or Sandy. Read more on LinkedIn .
COVID-19 Updates/Resources
To support our members through these ever-changing times, we are continuously updating our COVID-19 Updates and Resources . We have also been benchmarking with our BC Workforce Roundtable Members to monitor their responses to the pandemic. Members can access the information on our members-only website.

We plan to offer a series of web conferences for members to stay connected and share ideas during this crisis. Some will be expert led sessions and along with some Open Forum discussions. Our next session, Effective Remote Working Discussion with flexible work expert Cali Williams Yost will take place on Wednesday, March 25 at Noon ET . All Roundtable and BCWFA members are eligible to attend this session. If you are not a member, please contact and we'll place you on a waiting list should space be available.

Fatherly published the article How to Set Coronavirus Work-From-Home Expectations With Your Boss featuring Director of Corporate Partnerships, Jennifer Sabatini Fraone.

BCCWF Happenings
Our programming continues, with our spring events now taking place virtually. The BC Work & Family Association Spring Meeting will be a webinar on Thursday, April 2nd from 10 -11 am ET, on the topic of BRGs: From Engagement to Inclusion & Belonging. You can register here .
Our BC Workforce Roundtable will convene virtual sessions in place of the meeting scheduled for May 6 & 7 in Palo Alto, CA. More information coming soon.
We are also looking ahead to our 30th Anniversary Celebration this fall in Boston. If you'd like to learn more about our corporate partnership opportunities, you can check out the  BC Workforce Roundtable   and  BC Work & Family Association , or email .
The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

From the economic pressures of job loss, to the lack of accessible childcare for people still going into work, to the mental and physical toll of around-the-clock childcare responsibilities for those working from home—how to care for kids amid a pandemic is a question every parent is now navigating.

Prepared or not, you find yourself the manager of a fully remote team. It’s likely you have never worked 100%-remote, let alone managed a team in this setting. Add to that the overall unrest in the world, and this task can seem overwhelming and daunting.

Sending laptops home with new employees is a scenario that has been playing out across the country as the number of coronavirus cases swells and more employers commit to the social-distancing practices that health officials say will help slow the spread of COVID-19. Large tech employers such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft—with significant populations based in Seattle and other cities hit hard by the pandemic—were among the first to ramp up remote work plans for many or all of their employees.

Creating a culture of trust requires behaviors and attitudes based on transparency, honestly facing reality, laying the groundwork for mutual loyalty, correcting errors, good management of expectations, and a sense of accountability. In times of crisis, it is imperative to reinforce these attitudes on a daily basis. .