May 7, 2020
Dear CEOs,

As we continue to shelter-in-place, a lot of folks are starting to feel Zoom fatigue (yes - it is a real thing). We have gathered some of what we have found helpful as we manage through a protracted period of disruption and think through the physical and mental toll it is taking on everyone. We know there is still much to be done to keep your companies on sound footing, however we also recognize the most important asset for your companies and teams - YOU as the leaders! We hope you are finding time and ways to give yourself the space you need to recharge so you can continue being the amazing leaders you are. Remember that you cannot refill someone else's cup if your cup is empty. What small things are you doing to refill your cup?   
There are still lots of moving parts - too many it seems - as relates to PPP and Cares Act emergency funding, as well as re-opening plans. We are posting updates as we receive them into the Slack channel to provide information more quickly. We hope to see more of you interacting with each other via that channel to share insights more organically.
It was great to see many of you on the latest CEO Strategy Session this week featuring Judith Erwin, CEO of Grasshopper Bank. If you have other ideas for topics of interest, let us know. We are working on some ideas from our end and want to ensure we are addressing your concerns. 

Thanks to those who have joined the Slack group - we are starting to get more traction there and are actively updating the Google calendar. New events come in with short notice, so please check out the main channel - "CEO-info-sharing" for up to date alerts on webinars or other resources. You may have questions for your peer CEO's so feel free to start discussion threads to make it as dynamic as possible. The focus is to enable you, as founders, to have those discussions. Please send either Deb Kemper or Matias Healy thoughts or comments on how we could make this newsletter or the Slack Channel more helpful.  

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Leadership During a Crisis
Dealing With Anxiety As a Business Leader
Here are some techniques on how to deal with anxiety as a business owner right now. These five tips come from a CEO diagnosed with anxiety and OCD and will help other founders and CEOs remain calm as a leader.  
Best Practices for Remote Leadership
Here ar a set of best practices for leading remote teams at the capacity that has been brought on by this crisis. 
Managing Uncertainty 
"The Covid-19 pandemic presents the world with a massive, messy, miserable middle, causing tragic losses of lives and livelihoods, and with no end yet in sight. Although there is no precedent for the magnitude of this crisis, there are lessons to be learned from previous disasters and classic turnarounds."
Mental Fatigue
Suffering from mental fatigue? Did you know that "sitting at a computer for 90 minutes was roughly equivalent to the negative effects on your leg of jumping off a 14-inch box 100 times?" Read this article to help explain why you get so tired from working on your computer.  
Watch: How to Connect With Your Team When You're Remote
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"How do you create strong bonds between coworkers even when everyone is remote? Learn the secrets to creating a connected team in this conversation with Adam Grant and Esther Perel, host of "How's Work?"
Back to Work and Reopening 
Reopening Offices
Even after your office reopens, you may not be going back. Check out this article about how when offices do reopen, many will remain working from home. The first to go back will most likely be a small stream of workers. 
Renegotiating Rent Strategy 
This article covers the main points that every manager should consider before speaking to their landlord to try to reduce this expense and the main strategies that are likely to help both the landlord and the tenant.
Golden Seeds' CEO Strategy Session 
Thank you to the CEOs that joined our most recent Golden Seeds CEO Strategy Session on May 6.  Judith Erwin, CEO of Grasshopper Bank, spoke about managing through uncertainty. Please contact Matias Healy or Deb Kemper if you would like to learn more about this talk. The CEO Strategy Sessions are aimed at offering insights, starting up great conversations, and opening networking channels to help your company navigate challenges. Stay tuned for the next session!
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