April 24, 2020
Dear CEOs,

As we enter week 7 of work from home orders, we are all wondering how much longer it will last.   The amount of "new" news seems to be slowing and things appear to be stabilizing, yet are nowhere near normal.  We are entering a prolonged period of uncertainty despite some states looking to reopen.  We are providing links to resources this week that we have found helpful in thinking through re-opening scenarios - realizing it will vary on geographic location and types of industries.
This week Congress approved substantial additional funds for the federal relief package.  Please note that there is a lot of focus and guidance on "necessity".  We have linked a concise summary we received overnight.  

Thanks to those who have joined the Slack group - we are starting to get more traction there and are actively updating the Google calendar. New events come in with short notice, so please check out the main channel - "CEO-info-sharing" for up to date alerts on webinars or other resources. You may have questions for your peer CEO's so feel free to start discussion threads to make it as dynamic as possible. The focus is to enable you, as founders, to have those discussions. Please send either Deb Kemper or Matias Healy thoughts or comments on how we could make this newsletter or the Slack Channel more helpful.  

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PPP Loan Program FAQ
The SBA issued additional guidance on the PPP Loan Program in the form of FAQs. Click here to read an overview prepared by Cooley that summarizes the additional guidance. 
Mary Meeker's Coronavirus Trends Report
Mary Meeker released her annual trends report. The key take aways are:
  • "Covid-19 has upended our modern lives in ways we're just starting to understand."
  • Prior epic viruses have permanently changed the world, but coronavirus may prove less impactful because of our information-sharing and scientific technologies.
  • Scientists and other domain experts are getting "more seats at the table."
  • Digital transformation is accelerating, due to so many people working from home. New work-life balances are also being struck.
  • This may become the "call to arms" to better marry technology with healthcare, in terms of everything from telehealth to rapid point-of-care diagnostics, to applying automation and AI to health care services.
  • "We are optimists and believe there is hope on the other side of despair.... We need government, business and entrepreneurial intervention at scale (deployed logically and effectively) to get to the other side."
Click here to read the full report. 
McKinsey Tracks How Customers Respond to the Crisis
McKinsey has put together a survey to track  how customers' expectations, spending, and behaviors are changing throughout the crisis across multiple countries over time. Find the results here
The New Rules of Growth vs Profitability 
This link will bring you to a guide to help Founders build iconic businesses during this challenging time and navigate the new rules of growth vs. profitability. Here is an excerpt from the report:  "Rule number 1 is to survive. Rule number 2 is to win and build a category-defining business. During a downturn, Founders should focus on taking the opportunity to improve your position and capture market share while maintaining a strong cash position and efficiency." 
Webinar: Reopening Workplaces During COVID-19
Register for this webinar on Tuesday, April 28 at 1pm ET to learn how  employers continue to adjust to the new reality caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The future raises many difficult questions for employers including when and how will employees return to work, and what steps should they - and must they  - take to protect their workforce and their business. 
Retail's Next Normal 
Will stores be different when they re-open?  COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior, perhaps permanently, and retail stores will need to take these new behaviors into account. In this article, McKinsey shares a perspective on the trends that will affect US apparel and specialty retail stores postcrisis and the strategic imperatives that will enable them to thrive in the next normal. 
Model Predictions For Easing Social Distancing and Improving Containment 
The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has created a model  including initial predictions of when US states could safely consider easing current social distancing policies while shifting to robust containment strategies. Link to healthdata.org
Process for Reopening Pennsylvania 
Pennsylvania has responded aggressively to the spread of the coronavirus and moved to mitigation efforts early. This response has proven to be essential and effective. Click here to read how PA plans to take a measured and strategic approach to reopening. 
Nail Your Zoom Pitch
For those of you looking to improve your pitch via zoom, here are some of the best practices to help navigate the world of virtual pitches. 
Office Spaces After The Crisis
Check out this Wash. Post article about what the post pandemic workplace will be like. The workplace could include c ontact-tracing apps for co-workers, elevator 'safe zones', and infrared body temperature scanners.
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