May 15, 2020
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It seems we have settled into a new normal - with regions of the country starting to focus on how to safely reopen. There has been continuing updates regarding the PPP and other relief for consumers and businesses. The article we have included from First Round Capital this week talks about "cutting through the noise".  To that end, we have reduced the number of links this week to what we found most interesting and unique.  If anything is urgent, we are posting it directly to the  Slack group  to avoid any delay, e.g. the updated  PPP FAQ's that came out on Wednesday.


There are plenty of upcoming webinars and those are posted to the  Google calendar . You should be able to receive alerts via the  Slack group  to see what is coming up each day.  There are obviously too many to attend, but hopefully something will catch your attention each week.


We hope Slack will become a resource for you - so please start discussion threads to make it as dynamic as possible - we know folks have questions about digital marketing and some companies are still hiring and are looking for talent.  The focus is to enable you, as founders, to have those discussions. Please send either  Deb Kemper  or  Matias Healy  thoughts or comments on how we could make this newsletter or the Slack Channel more helpful.

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Helpful Articles and Resources
How to Make the Most Out of Your Advisors 
You have, without a doubt, been receiving an abundance of advice from different sources on how to navigate your company during this challenging time . However, if you already have an existing network of advisors, why not take advantage of it? Here a key lessons from First Round Capital on how to maximize the expertise of your advisors 
Top Questions on PPP Forgiveness 
This article from Forbes will give you guidance on how to spend PPP loans to maximize the forgivable amount from an entrepreneur's perspective. 
How to Relax and be Confident on Zoom
A Google body language consultant shares how to relax and be confident on Zoom. The article points out that body language influences how we feel and the feelings we generate in others - even during videoconferences. 
Webinar: "Cash is King and key to fighting another day"
Register for this webinar on Monday May 18 at 2pm EDT hosted by EY on how to forecast cash with the rigor needed to survive now and thrive in the next and beyond. This workshop for entrepreneurs will help you:
  • Understand the value of cash flow forecasting
  • Learn how to develop and refresh the forecast
  • Hear about best practices for implementing a cash mindset
Which Critical Choices Should Businesses Make Next?
"Companies should increase agility and build resiliance for a 'saw-toothed' economic recovery and a fast-changing environment." Read more here
A Little Dose of Humor
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