Dear CEOs,
Two key things we would like to address in this newsletter:
  1. There is quite of bit of information coming out at the state and Federal level about the fiscal stimulus.  We encourage you to work with your boards and advisors to stay abreast of how these efforts and resources may benefit your company.  We are also working to understand the implications for angel and venture backed companies.  One thing we are consistently hearing is to stay in touch with your banking relationships and be sure to apply early so you are in the queue as soon as possible, as many folks are doing likewise.  
a. If you are having trouble with your existing lender, please see the link below with information from Grasshopper, a Golden Seeds company, which is offering assistance.

b.  If your payroll is with ADP: it has a simple tool to auto-generate the payroll numbers requested at the push of a button. We would expect other payroll providers to have the same.


2. We are hearing from many of you that you are opening new rounds or extending prior rounds to bolster your cash positions.  Please keep us apprised and also open the deal rooms on Proseeder quickly so we can communicate with existing investors and our broader investor network, if you are open to new investors, about these rounds.


As always - we appreciate and are humbled by the work you are doing to adapt to this evolving situation.  As investors, we want to continue to support you to the extent we are able.
Golden Seeds Investor Network  
Helpful Resources
Grasshopper Bank
Grasshopper Bank is a digital bank serving founders and companies across the innovation economy. If you are interested in using Grasshopper to apply for the SBA loans, contact  Jeremy Shure or Thomas Siska. Please be sure to mention Golden Seeds. 
Guidance From the NVCA
This article from the NVCA discusses the current status of the US SBA loan programs including those created under the CARES Act. 
Goldman Sachs Small Business Resource Center
Goldman Sachs has put together a resource center with insights and a global network to support small businesses struggling with the economic fallout of COVID-19. 
CARES / SBA Loans for Funded Startups
Last Friday the CARES Act was signed into law. This piece of legislation is designed to let the SBA help small businesses through the COVID crisis. To stay up to date, you can follow this CARES Act web page hosted by a law firm focused on startups. 
Webinar Replay: Navigating CARES Act SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loans 
Click here to access the webcast. Password is GSInsights2020. 
US Department of Labor Publishes Guidance Explaining Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave
The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division (WHD) announced its first round of published guidance to provide information to employees and employers about how each will be able to take advantage of the protections and relief offered by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) when it takes effect on April 1, 2020. Link
Learning From a SaaS CXO
A lot has changed since the start of the new year and companies are focused on preserving recurring revenue. Check out this article to see what various CEOs, CROs, and CCOs of late stage private cloud companies and publicly traded SaaS companies are saying.  
Special Offer From AudPop
AudPop is a creative marketplace that operates turnkey video campaigns to connect brands to filmmakers & their customers to create video at scale, capture the new #WFH audience, and increase sales. The team is offering an affordable marketing solution to increase sales for female entrepreneurs during this unprecedented it. Access the special offer here
Going Virtual
Zoom Meeting Tips
Check out these tricks to improve your Zoom meeting experience. Once you have the basics down, you can enable additional features that you may not be familiar with yet. Link
Teleconferencing and Hijacking 
The FBI recommends exercising due diligence and caution in your cybersecurity efforts. These steps can be taken to mitigate teleconference hijacking threats
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