May 22, 2020
Greetings and Happy Memorial Day Weekend,

Hard to believe we are nearing the end of May, usually a period of many Spring to Summer milestones which will be celebrated differently this year. We at Golden Seeds are looking forward to the long weekend and we hope you can take some R&R as well. We think the long weekend is a good metaphor for the transition we are coming into as regions and businesses look to reopen yet also need to remain nimble since there is still a high degree of uncertainty. The goal of the following articles is to provide both tactical and strategic guidance.

Thanks to those who have joined the Slack group - we are starting to get more traction there and are actively updating the Google calendar. New events come in with short notice, so please check out the main channel - "CEO-info-sharing" for up-to-date alerts on webinars or other resources. You may have questions for your peer CEO's so feel free to start discussion threads to make it as dynamic as possible. The focus is to enable you, as founders, to have those discussions. Please send either Deb Kemper or Matias Healy thoughts or comments on how we could make this newsletter or the Slack Channel more helpful.  

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Helpful Articles and Resources
Return Is Not a Phase; It's a Way of Operating
The possibility of a resurgence, the future of remote work, and customer behavior are some of the many uncertainties we currently face. How do we plan a return to work? Here are four forces, put together by McKinsey, that will mold the next normal.
Branding During Times of Crisis
This three-part series features recommendations of how marketers can fortify their brands, as well as keep them relevant and engaging. Each article features a deep dive on how to get back to basics, stay close to your audience, and build brand loyalty, respectively.
How Sales Data Can Help Non-Sales Teams
"A data-driven sales organization can create value for nearly every business function, from marketing and customer support to product and corporate strategy. Leaders need to recognize this trove of untapped insights - and take steps to put sales data and analytics into action across the organization. Here's how."
CDC Issues New Guidance for Employers
The CDC has released new guidelines for reopening the country. Here is an overview and summary on those guidelines presented by law firm WilmerHale. 
Tips for Safely Reopening Your Office
Check out HBR's 5 best practices for safely reopening your office. Taking these tips seriously will allow everyone to adapt more quickly. 
Ways to Maximize Your Team's Productivity 
Inc has provided 3 key areas to help you and your team achieve the levels of productivity you need in an new era of challenges and opportunities. Consider each area on this list and see how they can help you implement new, or change existing, paths to productivity. 
Have You Taken a Quarantine Vacation Day? 
A new poll shows that workers want to take time off, but aren't planning to. Read this article to learn about the importance of taking time off, even during quarantine. 
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