Atlantic Chamber of Commerce September 2018
CEO Newsletter
Well school is back in, which for many signals the end of summer and back to normal routines. The fall is always a busy time in each of the four Atlantic Provinces for our Chamber network and certainly will be again this year—most notably for our friends in NB and PEI with a September election in NB and one slated for PEI in 2019. We hope you’ll remember to post your events on the ACC events listing so any business members looking to do business interprovincially are able to see the opportunities to network in your area. 

Coalition to Keep Trade Free

Many are watching the NAFTA negotiations with great interest and anticipation. Such an agreement has the potential to impact many of our businesses in Atlantic Canada.
Over the summer ACC partnered with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to rally the business community support the government’s efforts to defend Canadian interests in the face of changes to NAFTA through its Coalition to Keep Trade Free.
See ACC’s letter to Chambers in Atlantic Canada and we encourage you to join the Coalition to Keep Trade Free .

Atlantic Exchange

Are you part of the EXHANGE? Don’t miss out on this “FUBU” (For You By You) chamber channel where you can share insight/experience with fellow Chamber colleagues.

Following requests for us to build capacity for Chambers to be able to share/connect more with each other, ACC launched a virtual meeting group, The Atlantic Exchange , in August—a place for Chamber leaders and staff in Atlantic Canada to keep connected throughout the year and Exchange success stories, best practices, questions, recommendations and so on.

Corporate #MemberMoment
Have you taken the Safety Pledge ?
Rail has always been a significant mode of transportation for goods in Atlantic Canada. And ACC’s long-standing Corporate Partner, CN, is leading the way to ensuring we all think about safety first. Crossing and trespassing accidents are preventable.
Join the movement today and take the Safety Pledge at
Let’s Make A Deal

The Atlantic Canadian Chamber network is 93 chambers and 16,000 business strong. To me that suggests significant purchasing power when it comes to products and services. And clearly others see it too, because we often get requests from companies and service providers who want access to our network to promote their product or service.

Of course, not everything will be appropriate to our members, but it begs the question: What programs or service discounts would you like to offer that would increase your Chamber’s value proposition to your members, or better yet, to help attract new members?

Currently ACC offers its chamber members benefits and savings in: health insurance, media advertising, gas, merchant services, shipping services, liability insurance (corporate, NFP, director’s and officers), payroll and home and auto insurance. And I know individual chambers also offer a variety of localized programs as well.

What benefits and savings programs would you like ACC to go after, so that we can get a great deal for everyone in our network?

  •  Group Pension
  •   Hotels
  •  Car rentals
  • Printing
  • Office supplies & equipment
  • Restaurant & catering services
  • Entrepreneur training services
  • Digital marketing/Social media training services

Is there something you know members want, that’s not listed here? Please let me know as we continue building capacity and strengthening Chamber’s offerings to members.
For full benefit details, visit