Atlantic Chamber of Commerce December 2018
No doubt the Chamber world is always lively and busy, and this fall has been particularly active with events, awards, advocacy campaigns and for some, elections (some now past, but others happening next year). But with the holidays just around the corner, it got me to thinking about the stack of cards I send out each year and correspondence in general.

Are you LinkedIn

In 2018, if you’re in business, chances are you’re on social media and if you’re not already, you should be on LinkedIn. As a chamber, it simply boils down to ‘who’ you are trying to reach.

Many businesses use Facebook to help them connect with new customers (B2C) because that’s where the public meets online. But when it comes to a business-to-business (B2B) connection, LinkedIn is the channel to be on.

But why is it important for Chambers and their teams to effectively use LinkedIn?

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Join us December 6th as we learn how to activate the power of online business networks and leverage LinkedIn for business.
BMO has proudly established themselves as a community leader with gifts supporting community initiatives dating back to 1835! Fast forward almost 200 years later and supporting the community and the important work of not-for-profits remains a large part of their corporate identity.

As a Founding Partner, since 1989, BMO has seen the value of the work of Kids Help Phone. Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only free, anonymous and bilingual professional counselling, information and volunteer support service for young people. After more than 28 years, BMO remains a significant partner for Kids Help Phone, as a presenting sponsor for their annual Walk so Kids Can Talk event across the country and the Ruth Goldbloom Ladies Golf Classic event in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Kids Help Phone’s data has shown that youth in Atlantic Canada currently have the highest rate of discussion on suicide and suicide related topics in the country, the highest rate of male users as well as the highest rate of rural users. With the support of BMO, Kids Help Phone continues to be an ally to youth, whether through professional phone and live chat counselling or volunteer-led text-based support .

Chambers Performing at Their Best
The world is frequently irrational and unpredictable and it's increasingly important to demonstrate capabilities to the public. From professional (CPA, P.Eng. R.N.) to processes (ISO/IEC), standards of certification and accreditation offer increased confidence in an organization’s competency and credibility.

The Chamber movement is unique in this regard comparative to other business associations because we can become accredited and demonstrate a level of competency and standard of excellence in Chamber management. The accreditation process helps ensure continuous improvement and can also increase productivity—something many of our own member businesses are continuously working to achieve.

Accreditation is a formal acknowledgement that member chambers of commerce/boards of trade have been successfully evaluated by the Chamber Accreditation Council of Canada (CACC) against rigorous national standards of policy, service and performance. In Canada, 70 of 450 chambers and 9 of our 93 Atlantic Canadian chambers are accredited.

Many ask why they should become Accredited, because of course, it does take significant time and personnel investment to go through the process—as any certification process should. Simply put, getting accredited demonstrates your competency as a chamber in serving your members. It assures them that your governance, management and operational processes meet with a standard of excellence that, in most cases, other business associations don’t have. 

To me it’s similar to making a choice of whether to purchase services from an accredited or certified professional like a lawyer, naturopathic doctor or mechanic—who are you more likely to trust, a certified or uncertified practitioner?

We live in a world where transparency is a required expectation for business excellence and governance issues are a familiar headline in the media. Taking the time to review your processes and identify opportunities or gaps is a critical investment for a Chamber’s future success.

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A Day on the Hill
An exceptional day was coordinated for the Chambers and other associations by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to meet with MPs and leaders of the opposition on many critical files of importance to the network, including: climate policy and resource sector competitiveness, economic capacity building for indigenous peoples, innovation, trade & transportation infrastructure, agile workforce strategies, tax competitiveness.

ACC, along with the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and other event participants had the opportunity to join in on one or two of the working group sessions, as well as attend a networking reception with key government officials, associations and industry representatives. It was a great opportunity to bring forward some of the key issues and opportunities we have in Atlantic Canada on behalf of business in the region.

In addition to this, ACC joined with the Canadian Chamber and all the provincial chambers to meet with finance Minister Morneau to discuss key issues of concern to the private sector, including managing the rising costs of doing business, the proposed USMCA agreement, export development, and red tape reduction.

Member Benefits that Matter
Are your members accessing and making the most of their Group Insurance Plan?

The Chambers Group Benefit Plan is one of the most simple, stable plans in the country and a true benefit for chamber members. The Johnston Group is a strong partner and advocate for the plan through its network of advisors and they have many ways to help communicate the tremendous value and benefits of the plan to your members.

Check out the Johnston Group’s Journal with content on wellness and other key topics of interest to you and your members. And as always connect with your local advisor, who is always available to help you promote the plan locally.
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