CEO 2020
´╗┐Summer - Message
Hello Dear Friends,

Music has been so important to me during the time of COVID-19. I have gone down several rabbit holes, on YouTube, following videos from old Australian bands from the 1970's (my childhood), which lead me to classics like "Summer Love" by Sherbet, and "Baby it's You" by the Promises. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for fun I included a link for you to listen to Sherbet , below.

You may wonder why I am posting and writing about music this month, and asking what does that have to do with vulnerable children in North Texas with special needs? For me, music is a magical way to find a good mental health balance and relieve stress.

July is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the 500 children we are currently serving and their families can access music and other creative therapies with us through our current summer education program "Bryan's House at Home". Through our Social Services department, we are also providing mental health medical access, crisis intervention and other tools for families use to find beneficial and successful ways to cope.

The next financial year 20-21 started on July 1, and our new Bryan's House Ambassadors are working hard to advocate and raise awareness. We will be focusing on developing new initiatives using art, color, and music for our families and children, led by new BH Ambassador, Maxine Trowbridge. Stay tuned for more news soon on that impactful initiative.

Honoring Rust E. Reid - 20+ years

We had the pleasure of honoring retiring Board Member, "Rusty", who has served the agency for over 20 years. Folks went by his home two weeks ago (practicing social distancing), for a Drive-Way Drive-By Party that was arranged as a surprise by daughter Rev. Dorothy Budd, his family and our teams. His dedication and talents have helped to grow and sustain the agency - impacting over 20,000 lives during his 4 terms. WOW. You will be missed!

Thank you all for leaning in to help the agency during these challenging times. Your support, outreach and interest in our mission is why we do what we do - and do it with excellence. Together, we are providing direct grassroots impact for those most vulnerable, to ease the lives of ALL the children with special needs in North Texas. Scroll down for more fun news, photos and more.

Warm wishes,


Abigail Erickson-Torres
CEO, Bryan's House
Thank you for your Board service, Tommy Haskins and Donna German who will be joining our Advisory Board (pictured above), along with Rust E. Reid. Homer Brown and Linda Hall (pictured below with husband Robert Hall) - we are very grateful for your leadership and dedicated service. We will miss you all.
Marilyn Quinones - COVID-19 HERO

As the Director of Social Services, Marilyn (pictured below), has worked tirelessly to ensure our clients are not losing their homes, receiving medical care, basic needs, crisis intervention and more. We salute you and your team, for your dedication. The impact data above is a testament to your dedication, amazing heart and over 15 years of service to Bryan's House families and children. We appreciate you. Good news - the team has spaces available for offsite case management. See details below.
Click here for more details, on July 11. Our website is currently down for general maintenance for 48 hours: