Dear Hope for Haiti Family, 

This past weekend marked one month since the 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the livelihoods of families in southern Haiti. Having spent nearly three weeks on the ground with our team in Les Cayes, my mind is again heavy from witnessing the lopsided battle between humanity and mother nature.

What I saw during my time in Haiti was YOUR support and advocacy for Hope for Haiti making a difference as our team worked long days to provide food, water, tarps, tents, medical care, and direct cash transfers to thousands of families impacted by last month's earthquake. 

As many relief organizations are winding down their operations in Haiti, our commitment to our partners, Haitian families, and Haitian systems of education and healthcare will remain unchanged.

With your support in the coming months and years, we'll work alongside important local government agencies like MSPP (Ministry of Health) and MENFP (Ministry of Education) to help rebuild and resource healthcare facilities and primary schools that were damaged or destroyed in southern Haiti. 

I want to take this time to express our gratitude for your donations, advocacy, and words of encouragement over the past month. I can tell you that it lifted us up, and enabled our team in Haiti to provide direct relief to those in critical need of support.

Please find a summary below of the work you helped make possible by supporting Hope for Haiti.

With Hope,

Skyler Badenoch,
Hope for Haiti CEO

As part of our initial short- and long-term response & recovery plan, our team has completed the following initiatives, among others:

  • Distributed approximately  10,000 tarps and 100 tents for emergency shelter to earthquake victims, alongside over 1,600 emergency kits. The emergency kits include essential items, such as water filtration systems, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, matches, and candles. 500 of the emergency kits were donated by Share Hope and distribution was targeted to pregnant women and families.
  • Secured gifts-in-kind valued at more than $10 million from our trusted partners at Americares, MAP International, CMMB, and MedShare. Several of the shipments of critical medical and relief supplies are currently being distributed in Haiti, including shipments from Americares and Amazon. 9,000 lbs of medications from the Americares shipment were airlifted by our team to Jeremie.
  • Provided 7,066 medical consultations at Hope for Haiti’s Infirmary St. Etienne and through mobile clinics, providing free medication to those in need. 
  • Conducted 18 preliminary damage assessments of partner schools and medical facilities in rural southern Haiti to learn of immediate needs and begin outlining costs of reconstruction and rehabilitation of structures and materials lost. 
  • Procured and began distribution of 5,000 home water filtration systems.  
  • Completed digital cash transfers to more than 1,600 earthquake victims totalling more than $200,000 using Digicel's MonCash system to support vetted farmers, community health workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and others whose livelihoods were affected by the  earthquake. 
  • In partnership with World Central Kitchen, our logistics team distributed over 2,000 hot meals to families in two of the hardest-hit areas outside Camp-Perrin. Our team also distributed 9,000 eggs and 9,000 lbs of limes that were donated by World Central Kitchen to affected families.
  • Purchased more than 5 tonnes of locally produced food and distributed to 700 families in southern Haiti.  Also purchased an additional 3,600 packets of local cassava bread that were distributed to the community alongside jars of Lavi peanut butter. 
  • Collaborated with Partners in Health, Project Hope, Build Health International, and the Haitian Ministry of Health to resupply oxygen to three vital government healthcare facilities in Les Cayes, Haiti. Our team is continuing to facilitate oxygen tank refills weekly or the next month for the Ministry of Health in Haiti. 
  • Packed over 25 pallets of critical medical supplies in Naples, FL with the help of volunteers from Arthrex, Inc.
  • Our Community Health Team began providing mental health and wellness sessions in partnership with the Society of Haitian Neuroscientists, the Association of Black Psychologists, and the Haitian American Alliance.
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As always, we are fundamentally committed to adhering to the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and good governance as we put our resources to use to support children, parents, and grandparents in Haiti as they navigate these challenging times. ⁠We are a four-star rated organization by Charity Navigator, a leading independent rating agency for nonprofit financial transparency and accountability. Charity Navigator also named us one of the Top 10 Humanitarian Relief Organizations, and published our article on the Top 5 Things to Consider When Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts.

Mesi anpil, thank you again to everyone who has followed us, donated, or helped spread the word. ⁠


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