Dive in and exploreMOhealth!

Hi Grantees,

We're changing things up a bit this issue, because I'd like to bring special attention to a great new health resource we're launching today:  exploreMOhealth.org.

This new site can give us all deeper insight into our communities, making more targeted and effective work possible. I highly recommend you explore it today.

Learn more below and be sure to contact me at president@mffh.org if you have questions or feedback!

Bob Hughes
Health status is linked to the places we live, learn, work and play. Understanding how those places influence individual and community health allows much more targeted health improvement investments among community health stakeholders.

Created in collaboration with the MHA Data Institute and the University of Missouri CARES team, the site combines our county-level health data with the Missouri Hospital Association's ZIP-code level info, creating a new dataset that is far more powerful than either were on their own. On the site you'll be able to sort health factors and outcomes in new ways, gaining important insight into the most pressing issues facing our communities.

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