Seeing The Net Benefit

We're very proud to share the launch of our brand-new education campaign The Net Benefit! We created this nonpartisan campaign because we've found that when Missourians' basic needs are not met, their health is negatively impacted. Through this effort we are reinforcing how important it is for our families, friends, and neighbors to have access to food, shelter, health care, and economic support. However, for this campaign to succeed, we're counting on all our partners and grantees to help share the message.

Missourians are connected to the support and resources they need to lead healthy lives through a combination of state and federal programs, dedicated professionals, volunteers, and community organizations. In fact, programs like SNAP, WIC, TANF, Medicaid, SSI, disability, and housing assistance ensure an estimated 1.1 million Missourians have access to care, including 250,000 children.

We've brought together people and organizations across the state - from educators to health care providers, civic and faith leaders to local community organizations - to highlight that when Missourians' basic needs are met, they have the opportunity to live up to their potential and pursue their dreams. This brings limitless value to their communities and to our state.

We have collaborated with several organizations on the development of the campaign, including: The Children's Trust Fund, Columbia Housing Authority, Empower Missouri, Missouri Community Action Network, Missouri Primary Care Association, Missouri School Board Association, and Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis.

"Where we start off in life should not determine where we end up. We all benefit when we come together to help people who are in need. It helps our children be healthier and better prepared to learn, our adults experience better health and economic self-sufficiency, and our communities thrive."
Bob Hughes, MFH President and CEO

We're also very excited about our partnership with Humans of St. Louis to create a whole new set of photos (from throughout our region) and to collect stories for the campaign.

Does your organization want to join #TheNetBenefit campaign? Please email Courtney Stewart.

Do you have a story about receiving help during a time of need, or providing help to someone else?  Please share your stories with us.  

Visit to learn more, and please spread the word about #TheNetBenefit.

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