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FOLLOWING MORE THAN 10 years' extensive use with clients, backed up with published research data, we are delighted to announce the launch of the LEIPA®   (Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Performance Accelerator) accreditation programme for individual and in-house coaches. 
If you are involved in developing people, LEIPA®  is a unique coaching tool that provides actionable information on desired, compared to observed, behaviours. Uniquely, in a single report, it also correlates this with individual leadership styles in the context of your coachee's specific workplace needs.   Based on a 360 model,   LEIPA®  provides contextual and culture-neutral feedback. It can be used individually or for groups and teams to identify leadership strengths and development areas. 
Take a better look at the way it works via the  infographic attached .


ACCREDITATION STARTS this September, with preparatory access to your own individual  LEIPA®  process as soon as you sign up. Invest just an hour of your Summer to get ready to upskill with this successful diagnostic tool that will power your coaching practice at individual and organisational level. LEIPA's ®  value has been extensively proven with cohorts and individuals across the world, ranging from some of the world's largest business as well as Not for Profit and Public Sector, through to the most dynamic SMEs.

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"Discussing the strategy and need to develop our global leadership team, we decided to start with 360 feedback.  Using the LEIPA® tool was straightforward, but detailed enough to gain the invaluable feedback from the teams, colleagues and managers to find our 'starting point'.  Our coach supported the process, with clarity and honesty, she led us through the process and ran the follow up coaching to each of the leaders in their global locations.  The results from this process enabled us to work together to develop a Directors' programme, that would focus on the common themes of development across the team.  The results from the combination of approaches has had excellent results so far.  Finely honed personal development plans based on feedback and evidence, increased collaboration across the leadership team, company wide projects, including a values programme and an increased competence of leadership across the team.  Thanks to our LeaderShape Global coach, we have started a journey create a world class leadership team that is fundamental to the success of our business.

Director,Talent and Development -Award Winning global recruitment organisation

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