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Apr 2021 - Vol 14, Issue 4
IoT Security - Report Product Vulnerabilities
This article is part of a series exploring the ETSI standards for Cyber Security for Consumer IoT products (ETSI EN 303 645). In this article we review and summarize provision 5.2 of this standard, which addresses having a means to manage reports of vulnerabilities within the product. By making a vulnerability disclosure policy available to the public, product users can report issues to manufacturers for tracking and for the creation of security patches. Timely mitigations and patches are expected, and there are guidelines depending upon the type of security vulnerabilities which are reported. Last of all, continued management of the IoT vulnerabilities is needed throughout the support period of the product, and this includes addressing any vulnerabilities that may come from the use and implementation of third-party software or tools.

Details on the ETSI standards can be found here.

For the complete article, please use this link.
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