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August 2021 - Vol 14, Issue 8
Interface, Interface, Interface!
There is an expression that states the three most important aspects of real estate are location, location, and location. This is to say that no matter how impressive the house is or how good the price is, if the location is not ideal, the prospective buyer will most often not submit an offer. Because of this, the location is one of the main focuses for real estate agents.

In the same way, this principle can be related to technology in the form of user interfaces. When a product provides value but the user interface (UI) is not practical or easy to understand, the product will tend to be bypassed. To avoid this scenario, let's look at what it takes to produce quality UIs.

The UI is often overlooked in favor of software or hardware design initially even though it is a critical aspect of the products. This is usually the case due to misconceptions that the UI is simple to construct and easy to reconfigure. The UI creation can take just as long as the other aspects of the design because all the same steps need to be taken. The design needs to be created and presented; reviews on the design must be performed leading to iterations; the design needs to be implemented on the display; and the final product should be bug free. So even though the UI might not be as technical as the software and hardware, it needs to be given due time in order to produce a quality experience for the user.

Now that the importance of the UI is understood, what are the characteristics for a user friendly interface? The UI needs to be simple, easy to use and navigate, and consistent. Simple interfaces only have as much text as necessary and do not crowd the screen with gadgets. One of the biggest problems a UI can have is being so busy that the user is overwhelmed with information. This also plays into the UI being easy to use and navigate. A logical progression needs to be established for the user and the expected inputs need to be clear. Not knowing where to go next or what is expected makes the user work harder than they want, which leads to less desirable products. Finally, consistency in the visual aspects, such as color scheme and button size, as well as functional aspects is crucial. This is one of the strongest contributors to usability and learnability for users.

CEPD hopes these UI basics can benefit your designs. We are also willing and able to use our UI knowledge and expertise to help with any future products!

IEEE Upcoming Events
18th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems
The IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems (MASS) will be held in beautiful Denver, CO, USA, in 2021, and it aims at bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners to address recent advances in mobile ad-hoc and smart systems, covering algorithms, theory, protocols, systems & applications, experimental evaluations and testbeds, security/privacy, as well as AI/ML-based smart design.

  • Date: 04 October 2021 - 07 October 2021
  • This conference will be held virtually.
  • Click here to register.

IEEE High Plains - Understanding 1/F Noise in Complex Systems

Date and Time
  • Date: 19 August 2021
  • Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Venue: DeskChair Workspace
  • 201 E 4th Street, Loveland, Colorado 80537
  • If you are attending the virtual meeting you must register by using the following link: Virtual Meeting Registration.
Space Foundation Upcoming Events
36th Space Symposium

Date and Time
  • Venue: Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Date: August 23 - 26, 2021
  • More Information

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