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June, 2019 - Vol 12, Issue 4
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IEEE High Plains Meeting
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IEEE High Plains Meeting
TOUR OF WAPA-WESTERN AREA POWER ADMINISTRATION  (see registration page for restrictions)

WAPA is one of four power marketing administrations within the U.S. Department of Energy whose role is to market and transmit wholesale electricity from multi-use water projects. Our service area encompasses a 15-state region of the central and western U.S. where our more than 17,000 circuit mile transmission system carries electricity from 56 hydro power plants operated by the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  and the International Boundary and Water Commission. We also market power from the Navajo Generating Station coal-fired plant near Page, Ariz. Together, these plants have an installed capacity of 10,504 megawatts. We sell our power to preference customers such as Federal and state agencies, cities and towns, rural electric cooperatives, public utility districts, irrigation districts and Native American tribes. They, in turn, provide retail electric service to millions of consumers in the West.

Date July 18, 2019
Time 5:40-8:00pm
5555 Crossroads Blvd
Loveland, Colorado
United States 80537

Please register as space is limited.
Website IEEE High Plains

USB Test and Measurement Class
As laboratories become more technologically integrated and testing becomes more of an automated procedure, custom test software is becoming a more important fixture for test and measurement.  Test equipment with a standardized communication protocol can be a real boon to the engineer tasked with writing custom test software.  USB TMC is designed to be that communication protocol.

USB TMC stands for USB Test and Measurement Class.  USB TMC is essentially the GPIB communication protocol with the GPIB hardware layer being replaced for the USB hardware layer.  GPIB commands which have long been the standard of test equipment communication have been now been married to the USB platform for all of the speed and scalability that USB provides.

USB TMC allows users to more easily maintain compatibility with software written for GPIB devices such as instrument drivers.  If building or upgrading an automated laboratory is an important goal for your business, look for devices that support the USB TMC protocol to allow for simpler development and maintenance.

Additional information can be found at:  National Instruments, USB TMC (pdf), HackADay
If you would like help developing a new product or if your projects are understaffed, CEPD can help. Our staff draws on years of diverse product design experience to provide creative and timely solutions for your product needs. Some of our specialties include:
  • Technical Project Management
  • Embedded Systems Hardware and Software
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Data Acquisition
  • Wireless Sensor and Telemetry Systems (Zigbee, Cellular, VHF, Bluetooth, ANT+, etc.)
  • IOT
  • Control Systems
  • Programmable Logic: FPGA / PLD
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Switching Power Supply Design
  • Battery Charging (all Chemistries)
  • PCB Design and Layout
  • Analysis, Test and Documentation
We provide cost effective and expedient design options for our clients, regardless of the project's complexity.  Our detailed proposals, accurate estimates and time schedules will help you manage each phase of the project. 
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