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July, 2015 - Vol 8, Issue 5
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IEEE High Plains Meeting

Signal Processing for Digital Mode Amateur Radio

By David Farrell

 Advances in digital modulation techniques (modes) for amateur radio have progressed significantly in the last couple of decades. The capabilities of real-time DSP within transceivers and personal computers as well as computer control of the transceiver and automatic logging to the cloud, have made the PC transceiver interface commonplace in the ham shack. These methods work well with the narrow channel bandwidth, low power transmission, and low signal to noise ratios present in amateur radio. An overview of methods will be presented. The signal modulation and demodulation techniques of a few popular modes will be examined in depth.

Date: July 16, 2015
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Avago Technologies Building 1
4380 Ziegler Road
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
MAP: Click here for Map
Drinks and Snacks will be provided.
Please register as space is limited! (Click Here)
Website: High Plains Section
Maker's Faire

     The Maker Faire movement is popping up all over Colorado.  Artists, hobbyists, and tech enthusiasts are treating the public to their passions and helping to spawn both curiosity and creativity.  But, is this just some fad or trend where techies gather and awe over each other's creations, or is it something much more? 

     At a recent event in Denver, it was evident how the Maker Movement is truly fertile ground for innovation.  Older and wiser inventors teach and encourage those just starting out.  Young kids run to tool boxes and actually know the difference between hex and star nuts. The phrase, "can I borrow that..." can be heard throughout the event as someone makes adjustments on their electro-mechanical wonder.  The Maker's Faire is producing fun, innovation and even start-up companies!  Many of the ideas presented could and are already generating revenue.     

     Are you a maker ready to take your idea, passion and craft to the next level?  CEPD can help.  For more information please check out the maker website: http://makerfaire.com/


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