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CEPP Announces New Site for the National Resource Center on Justice-Involved Women

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Women are the fastest-growing group of people impacted by the criminal legal system. More than one million women are currently in prison or jail or on probation or parole. Although we have known for decades that women and men differ in their exposure and vulnerability to conditions linked to illegal behavior, most programs and services that address this behavior are designed for men. This has continued, despite the fact that when women are provided with interventions that are gender- and trauma-informed, they are more likely to transition successfully to their families and communities. For this month’s newsletter, in honor of Women’s History Month, CEPP highlights its work with the National Resource Center on Justice-Involved Women. 

CEPP’s National Resource Center on Justice-Involved Women (NRCJIW) is committed to enhancing outcomes for women. We provide training, technical assistance, and information on evidence-based strategies that contribute to women’s increased success.

NRCJIW’s newly designed website serves as a foundational resource where you can learn about current projects, read about the NRCJIW team, and explore our library of gender-responsive and trauma-informed policies and resources.

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Explore our library of gender-responsive resources.

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Learn about our current projects, including our Gender-Informed Practices Assessment.

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Read about the NRCJIW team.

Visit the NRCJIW Website

We also want to take the time this month to share some important resources that practitioners can use to improve outcomes for system-impacted women. These and other resources in NRCJIW's extensive library recognize the reality that the needs and experiences of system-impacted women—in particular BIPOC women—differ tremendously from those of men.

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More Resources from CEPP

Ten Truths That Matter When Working With Justice-Involved Women

Gleaned from research, these ten truths about women impacted by the criminal legal system point policymakers and practitioners to trauma-informed practices that improve outcomes for women and that enhance the safety and security in women's correctional facilities.

Check Out NRCJIW's Resources

Jail Tip Sheets

NRCJIW developed eight Jail Tip Sheets to facilitate the implementation of gender-informed approaches in jail settings:

  1. Being Gender-Responsive and Trauma-Informed is Just Good Correctional Practice
  2. Take Steps to Be More Trauma-Informed
  3. Review Discipline Policies and Practices
  4. Manage Women's Complex Behaviors
  5. Use Gender Responsive Assessment Tools
  6. Assess Women's Healthcare Needs
  7. Develop Community Partnerships
  8. Support Women's Successful Transition and Reentry from Jails

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