We are proud to partner with the Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce to co-host a webinar on Friday, April 17. Hon. Wayne Easter and Hon. Bobby Morrissey will be discussing the Federal Government Programs. Login details will be available tomorrow.

Please forward any questions you have about these programs in advance HERE.
Canadian Survey of Business Conditions - Please Complete! 
Your Voice Matters  
As COVID-19 continues to disrupt economies around the world, it is essential to have current data to fully understand the extent of the impact on businesses in Canada, and for making informed decisions in the weeks and months ahead.

Many of our regional business and industry association partners have also launched surveys within their own markets. While we recognize the importance of regional based data, our collective focus must now turn to a comprehensive national data strategy.
Business Information for Advocacy and Program Support

In our efforts to influence mitigation measures to support business during and following COVID-19 outbreak, it would be helpful to demonstrate impacts to government officials based on the number of businesses and their number of employees they have that the Chamber represents.

Can you please tell us:
  • Business Name:
  • Business sector or type of business:
  • Number of years in business:
  • Number of employees you had before COVID-19:

Today, the Province of Prince Edward Island announced :

Today the Federal Government announced the following:

  • Allow people to earn up to $1,000 per month while collecting the CERB.

  • Extend the CERB to seasonal workers who have exhausted their EI regular benefits and are unable to undertake their usual seasonal work as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Extend the CERB to workers who recently exhausted their EI regular benefits and are unable to find a job or return to work because of COVID-19.

  • Further announcements from the federal government include: A new transfer to cost-share a temporary top-up to the salaries of workers deemed essential in the fight against COVID-19, who make less than $2,500 a month.

  • BDC publicly acknowledges some people are experiencing difficulty with the embedded links in the BDC COVID-19 Relief Measures Guide. They apologize for the inconvenience and circulated a link to a new version of the Guide. Accessing the Guide through this link will allow access to updates to the relief measures.