This lesson explores the nature of Ahriman in our contemporary world. 
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Peeling back the Veils 
of the  CERN Illusion  
Has it ever concerned you that the largest hadron collider in the world, located in Switzerland, claims that its experiments could instantaneously destroy the entire world?

Ever wonder who gave this group the authority to conduct such dangerous experiments? 

Did you know that the claimed purpose of CERN is to find the God particle?

This article is the first extensive uncovering of the true mission and purpose of this international science project. 



Truth about the Big Bang Theory  
The foundational science of CERN, and all of the trillions that go into supporting this dark behemoth for decades to come, is based upon the questionable theory of the big bang. 

If you want to believe in the big bang theory, you must believe it one of three ways: by faith, by ignorance, or by indoctrination.
By faith, because you can't believe something which does not have adequate scientific evidence except as a philosophical viewpoint.
By ignorance because the only way to be certain in your mind that the big bang theory could work is because you don't have all the facts.
Or if you have been so far indoctrinated you haven't made a logical conclusion with your own rational mind, you may have never even tried to question what you have been told.
However you must decide for yourself what you will believe. If you decide to believe in the big bang theory, just realize that since it is not supported by science; you have to believe it as a philosophical viewpoint, not as a scientific fact.
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What forces are really behind CERN? 

How does the World Wide Web snare our spiritual consciousness into its ahrimanic web of materialistic containment?

How does the WWW enslave us in a matrix of soulless numbers?

Other Methods Ahriman uses 
to Enslave Humanity to 
a Soulless World
Once you have overcome fear and anxiety to see the illusion of CERN, perhaps you are ready to see other ahrimanic deceptions in our world. 

It takes courage to see the beast; but once you understand how Ahriman works and weaves deceit, lies, and dissonance, you can begin to build up inner treasures of husbanded soul forces. 

As Rudolf Steiner wrote in At the Gates of Spiritual Science

The task of evil is to promote the ascent of man.