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April 3, 2020
CES Inaugurates Stanley Hoffmann Lecture
with an Address by Thomas Piketty
Grzegorz Ekiert
Louise Richardson
CES Launches Europe in Washington Workshop
Harvard College Students with Elizabeth-Sherwood Randall and Elaine Papoulias
Harvard student workshop participants with Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and Elaine Papoulias ( center row middle).
In partnership with Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) and the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies (SSTUD), CES inaugurated the  Europe in Washington Workshop on Democracy and Transatlantic Relations  from January 21-25, 2020. This experiential learning opportunity immersed Harvard College students in discussions with eminent experts on Europe in the U.S. capital from academia, international organizations, think-tanks and government service. The Workshop, much of which was hosted on the Washington campus of CHS, was made possible by a generous grant from Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall , Harvard AB ’81 and United States Deputy Secretary of Energy (2014-2017).
Workshop Participants
Oskar Schulz, Chinaza Asiegbu, Michael Cheng, Aristotle Vainikos.
Justin Tseng, Helen Simpson, Felipe Muñoz, Tobias Benn.
Herkus Gudavicius, Mercedes Sapuppo, Emily Markowitz, Ajay Sarma.
Rachel Damle, Roshni Chakraborty, Pablo Rasmussen .
New Publications
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New Working Paper
Cultural Resources for #StayHome
  • For classical music enthusiasts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is offering a “Digital Concert Hall” with free tickets for some 600 concerts.

  • Check out the "Sofa Festival" on April 2, 3 & 9, an interactive live music festival, created by Warner Music France, in partnership with FNAC and Songkick.

  • For researchers the German Federal Archives offer files, photos, films and sounds for legal, administrative and historical research about Germany past and present.

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