Scholarship recipients named, Chevron supports conference

Monday, June 6, 2016
2016-17 Scholarship Recipients Named 

The Center for Energy Studies Scholarship Committee recently awarded the following scholarships for the 2016-17 academic year.

LMOGA/Brooksher Scholarship
Joseph LeJeune, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering. LeJeune is from Baton Rouge.
Joseph LeJeune

The LMOGA/Brooksher Scholarship, named for the late Robert R. Brooksher, Jr., an executive vice president of Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association and founding member of the LSU Center for Energy Studies' Advisory Council, supports the educational goals of LSU students interested in energy-related fields, with a particular emphasis on energy policy related to the oil and gas industry. The annual scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1,000.

F. Malcolm Hood Scholarship
Danté Hebert. Hebert, a Carencro native, is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering.
Dante Hebert

Created to honor the late F. Malcolm Hood, a highly regarded energy industry spokesman who served as an advisor when the Center was created and was a member of its Advisory Council, the scholarship supports the educational goals of LSU students interested in energy-related fields, with a particular emphasis on energy policy. The scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1,000.

David Olver Memorial Scholarship
Tyler Parker, a junior majoring in electrical engineering, from Baton Rouge.
Tyler Parker

Provided by the Gulf Coast Power Association emPOWERing Foundation, the David Olver Memorial Scholarship is intended for LSU students interested in future careers in the electric power industry. The annual award amount is $5,000.

GCPA emPOWERing Women Scholarship
Cassidy Hebert, a junior majoring in electrical engineering, from Lake Arthur, La.

Cassidy Hebert
Also provided by the Gulf Coast Power Association emPOWERing Foundation, the emPOWERing Women Scholarship is intended for female LSU students interested in future careers in the electric power industry. The annual award amount is $2,500.

The Center congratulates these outstanding students for their achievements and wishes them the best as they continue to pursue their education and prepare for careers in the energy industry.

Chevron Provides $10K Conference Sponsorship

Chevron has generously donated $10,000 in support of the Center's annual fall conference, Energy Summitâ„¢. Sponsorships such as these support conference planning, promotion and operations, including catering and parking, which are not entirely covered by attendance fees.

The Center expresses its sincerest gratitude for the ongoing support by Chevron.

For conference sponsorship information, contact
2015 Annual Report Available Online

The Center for Energy Studies' 2015 Annual Report is now available online. The document serves as a record of the Center's and its affiliates' activities for the past year and includes summaries of research, outreach efforts, and awards.
CES Events
BP's Finley Presents Energy Outlook 2035 

On March 15, the Center, along with BP and the Grow Louisiana Coalition, presented "Energy Outlook: The Global Energy Industry and Its Impact," with Mark Finley, Chief U.S. Economist with BP.

Finley discussed predicted future energy demand through 2035. Key points included:
  • World GDP will more than double, but unprecedented gains in energy efficiency mean that the energy required to fuel the higher level of activity will grow by only about one-third over the outlook period;
  • Fossil fuels will remain the dominant form of energy powering the global expansion, providing around 60% of the additional energy and accounting for almost 80% of total energy supplies in 2035;
  • Gas is the fastest growing fossil fuel supported by strong supply growth, particularly of U.S. shale gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG), and by environmental policies;
  • And the oil market will gradually rebalance, with the current low level of prices boosting demand and dampening supply.
To view or download a copy of BP's Energy Outlook, click here.
Center Hosts WEN Student Reception

The Center hosted a Women's Energy Network student networking reception on the evening of April 6. The gathering allowed undergraduate and graduate students, male and female, to gain helpful insight and ask questions regarding potential careers in energy. CES Assistant Professor Mallory Vachon coordinated the event.
Member of French Parliament, Consul General Visit CES

On March 16, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and the Center hosted a delegation from the French Consulate General's office in New Orleans to discuss unconventional oil and gas resources and hydraulic fracturing. DNR's Communications Director Patrick Courreges and Mineral Resources Petroleum Lands Director Emile Fontenot, with CES Executive Director David Dismukes, answered questions regarding policy, technology and economics related to the state's unconventional oil and gas industry.

Pictured above are (seated, l-r) Eric Szij, head of staff, French Parliamentary Office for Scientific & Technological Assessment, Congressman Christian Bataille, (standing, l-r) Luc Boyer, Counselor for Energy, French Trade Council, Gregor Trumel, French Consul General, Brent Campbell, DNR director for the Engineering Regulatory Division, Emile Fontenot and Patrick Courreges.
Faculty Update
Upton Speaks at La. Alternative Fuels Conference & Expo 

Assistant Professor Greg Upton presented at the Louisiana Alternative Fuels Conference & Expo held in Lafayette on April 14. His presentation, " Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Utility Rate Design: The Devil's in the Details," describes different utility rate design structures and potential implications for customers. Upton also provides various examples of how the economics of alternative fuel vehicles can be significantly impacted by the rate structures including fixed and variable charges, time of use charges, and block rates.
The focus of this year's conference was to inform public and private fleet managers, safety officials, alternative fuel stakeholders, and government agency officials about the implications of fuel price fluctuations, stabilizing fuel costs in the future, and advances in alternative fuel technologies.
Vachon Receives Upjohn Institute Early Career Research Award

Center for Energy Studies Assistant Professor Mallory Vachon has been granted a W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 2016 Early Career Research Award for her project, "The Temporary Migration Response to Industry-Specific Shocks: Evidence from the U.S. Shale Boom." The award provides resources for junior faculty to pursue research related to labor markets and public workforce policy. Vachon's research interests include energy, labor, and public economics, with a focus on the local economic impacts of natural resource extraction.

Vachon, who joined the Center for Energy Studies faculty in the fall of 2015, received her Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. in economics at Syracuse University. She is a member of the American Economic Association, the International Association for Energy Economics, the Southern Economic Association, and the Society of Labor Economists.
Faculty, Visiting Scholar Tour Mr. Charlie

On Tuesday, April 19, Assistant Professors Mallory Vachon and Greg Upton (pictured at right) accompanied visiting scholar Roman Opimakh on a tour of the International Petroleum Museum & Exposition in Morgan City.

The tour of the offshore drilling rig Mr. Charlie included artifacts and information about the operations of an offshore oil rig. The first transportable submersible drilling rig, Mr. Charlie was built in 1952-53. In 1954, it began operations for Shell Oil and continued to drill in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Morgan City for 32 years.
Visiting Scholar Roman Opimakh

Visiting Scholar Opimakh spent six weeks at the Center before returning to his native Ukraine, where he serves as Coordinator of the Oil and Gas sector of the Presidential Economic Reforms Center and the advisor to the Minister of Energy.

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