TechLife Trends
Volume 4 Issue 8     October 2020
Message from Scott

As fall begins I hope this finds you all safe and well. The weather is changing, children have returned to school, and time is passing. Let's think positively, that our children can stay in school safely and that our lives can resume our new normal soon. If there's any way that IDS can help you as we still spend a lot of time at home, please don't hesitate to contact me. We're here for you!

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CES Show Goes All Digital in 2021
As a true sign of the times, the biggest technology expo of the year will be fully digital. Owing to the COVID-19 precautions and closures, the show has transitioned completely to an online version. Dates for the show are January 11-14, 2021, with the largest brands hosting individual livestreamed announcements. Read about upcoming show highlights here.
AI Meets the Oceans
IBM recently launched the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, an AI-captained solar powered vessel. No human captain or crew, but with intelligent software this vessel will have the ability to think, sense and make decisions at sea. The updated Mayflower will attempt to cross the Atlantic in Spring 2021, retracing the original Mayflower crossing 400 years ago.
The Movie Industry is Being Reinvented
The pandemic has grossly affected the movie industry. For more than six months, films were delayed and/or released straight to streaming services. While it's never a bad thing to watch a blockbuster from the comfort of your home, the industry has taken quite a hit. For the cinephiles out there, take a look at this list of upcoming movies, both in cinema and streaming. Let's all hope that soon we will be able to safely enjoy movies as an evening out, replete with all the decadent boxed goodies we can enjoy.
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