CET Relaunch Strategy
Message from Clova Lehr, Director of Accreditation and Services 
Since the end of March, CET onsite surveys have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This suspension period has given us the opportunity to rethink how to conduct CET surveys under the new conditions. As Alberta begins to reopen services in a staged approach, we are also restarting CET survey activity, and considering necessary protocols to ensure the safety of all involved.
We will make use of both virtual (real-time, video conferencing) and digital technology to facilitate an offsite review process, beginning July 2020. We will use Zoom or Skype for the initial virtual tour; videoconferencing for the Organizational Framework meeting interviews; Dropbox for the online file reviews; and FaceTime or Zoom for conversations with staff and individuals. Some surveys may only be partially completed initially, until surveyors are able to attend onsite to complete the observation pieces that don’t lend themselves to offsite evaluation. 

Surveyors will receive training on how to evaluate standards and indicators that you have been unable to meet due to changes in service delivery necessitated by the public health measures. Provided changes are temporary, for the period of the pandemic, organizations will not be penalized for any service changes as you enact emergency response plans and comply with public health orders. 

We are also aware that some of your staff training may be lagging due to availability during this period. If this is the case, your accreditation status may be rated as “Pending” post-survey, in order to allow reasonable time for you to catch up with your staff training. The CET survey covers 3 years. Although the current 3-month period certainly challenged service providers’ ability to adjust quickly to the changed environment, it will not affect the outcome of the collective data. 

We will work with each service provider to determine the capacity and resources to undergo this modified process and to schedule surveys as close to within 3 months of the original date as possible, pending available resources. Please contact your Accreditation Coordinator, or me directly at  clova@acds.ca , if you wish to discuss this in more depth. 

Thank you for your continued efforts to support individuals during this trying time, and for your trust in ACDS to help you through this.  
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Alberta Council of Disability Services