November 2018

This month's issue features an article entitled Defining Sustainable Investing for your Clients, written by Evan Zall, President of Longview Strategies. In our Member Focus section, you can learn about Sarah K. Williamson, CFA, CAIA, including her career path that has led her to her current role as CEO of FCLT Global. We also have news about an upcoming FinTech Cryptocurrency Seminar, and many upcoming Meet Ups and educational programs. Thanks for reviewing News & Notes.
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Defining Sustainable Investing for your Clients
Evan Zall , President
Longview Strategies
It is no secret that retail, high net worth, and institutional investors seek to generate and preserve wealth, and they are now increasingly expressing a desire to see their portfolios reflect their values. In response, the field of products within sustainable investing has matured to meet both sets of demands. But between the two ends of the equation stands a chasm of confusing language and a generation of financial professionals who must translate the sustainable investment approach for their clients. The lack of a clear message and path to action is slowing capital and creating frustration among investors.

This is why Longview Strategies aligned with CFA Society Boston: to streamline how we think about, talk about, and accelerate this marketplace evolution. We believe that when asset managers, asset owners, and financial advisors begin telling a consistent, simplified story about how sustainable investing fits into the portfolio, we will move to the next iteration of fundamentally sound investing. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), and Impact Investing, for example, are not synonymous, even if their definitions are ... ( continued )
Me mber Profile
This month's Member Focus features Sarah K. Williamson, CFA, CAIA , Chief Executive Officer of FCLTGlobal .
Learn more about Sarah's career path, her current responsibilities, and her CFA Society Boston membership experiences. 
CFA Society Boston's FinTech Cryptocurrency Seminar
Bitcoin is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary. In 2017, Bitcoin was achieving over 1300% return. Is Bitcoin and its sibling cryptocurrencies a fad or investment? This program will explore cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and its ecosystem.
  • Who trades digital currency and why?
  • Trends and challenges of investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Safeguards for “Traditional Investors”
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