February 15 | 2022
Unfortunately, the CFA International Show has been cancelled/delayed for 2022. It is a show that so many cat fanciers around the world love to attend, and many exhibit their beautiful cats at that show. If we all work to together, we can come back in 2023 and produce one of the best shows ever!

The CFA Board met this past weekend and many of you are aware, the February Board meeting addresses issues for the advancement of CFA. Also, an important objective of the meeting is review of breed standard/registration rules changes. The breed standards should reflect the perfect example of the breed. The board has rarely advanced proposals which lessen that goal. I applaud the breed council secretaries who have taken the initiative which Jacqui Bennett and Teresa Keiger began with some grammar and punctuation errors. At least two breed councils have made these improvements to their standards. I encourage all BCS to look at your breed's standard. These are not changes to any aspect of your breed, but rather changes that make your standards look to the casual observer that we appear educated and correctly use the English language. Thank you to Jacqui and Teresa for your work in moving our breed councils forward.

Plans are coming together for a great annual coming up in June in Louisville, KY. I look forward to seeing everyone there.
Central Office
Allene Tartaglia, CFA Executive Director

A reminder that N95 and KN95 masks with the CFA logo are available and ready to ship. The N95 are $12 per pack of 10 and available in white. The KN95 are $10 per pack of 10 and available in either black or white. Each show package will receive two packs of the KN95 mask. Order now before supplies run out: https://catalog.cfa.org/masks.shtml
Cat Talk is going digital and the last printed copy will be April, 2022. All subscribers should have received an email about converting existing subscriptions to the digital version of Cat Talk and choosing between extending subscriptions to digital Cat Talk and/or Epoints. Contact Allene Tartaglia, if you haven’t received an email about the transition yet.
The Show Calendar Listing Service on the CFA online show calendar is completely FREE for CFA licensed shows. Take advantage of this service and include information about your upcoming show for spectators and exhibitors, e.g. discount coupons, show hotel info, photographer, early bird entry pricing, show hours, directions, etc.: https://cfa.org/submit-show-information/
The basic information for your show is automatically listed when the show is licensed, but we need to hear from you about other details. We need to know it to show it!
CFA News
CFA Breeds and Standards
Annette Wilson
CFA Breeds and Standards Chair

CFA has three breeds going through the advancement process. The Khao Manee and Toybob are in the MISC class and the Lykoi are in the PROV class…in addition, the Lykoi has added all patterns/colors to their standard effective with the new show season. In order to advance to their next step, these breeds must have cats shown, preferably in all regions.

One of the drawbacks to getting more cats in these classes is the cost of entries, particularly since these cats are not yet eligible for titles or awards.

As clubs plan their shows, please consider offering a reduced entry fee for these breeds—and even featuring them! It would be great to see more clubs helping our new breeds along their journey to championship status.

CFA Judging Program
Rachel Anger
CFA Judging Program Chair

At the February 5/6, 2022 Executive Board meeting, the CFA Judging Program gave updates and presented a few action items which we would like to share with you.

• Leaves of absences, retirements and resignations will be reviewed and approved by the Judging Program Chair. Once approved, the Judging Program Chair will inform the board by including the approval in its next board report.
• Advance Istzy Rattanaweerawong (Shorthair – Thailand) from trainee to T2 Asia-Other Associate Judge. Istzy may now accept shorthair judging assignments in the four countries involved in this phase of the program
• A complete listing of leaves of absence from the CFA Judging Program is as follows:
  • Laura McIntyre 4/26/21 to 4/26/22
  • Wain Harding 8/20/21 to 8/31/22
  • Ellyn Honey 11/22/21 to 5/22/22
  • Gene Darrah 8/1/21 to 5/31/22
  • Irina Kharchenko 2/1/22 to 7/31/22
  • Pam Moser 1/13/22 to 8/31/22
  • Donna Fuller 12/1/21 to 11/30/22

Sadly, we said a final goodbye to three CFA Judges who recently passed away:
Bob Bryan
(February 5, 2022)
Bob began judging in 1976 and retired in 2014. A gentle judge, with a sense of humor, much respected by exhibitors, Bob lived in Ossian, Indiana and bred Burmese, Persians and Exotics under the Brywood cattery name. He was also a wonderful artist.
Carolyn W. Owen
(January 24, 2022)
Carolyn Owen of Burleson, Texas, a CFA judge since 1975, bred Persians and Abyssinians. Her cattery name was O-Wen.
Yuko Nozuki 
(December 21, 2021)
Yuko-san lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido. She was the breeder of Ragdoll, Persian, Norwegian Forest Cat, Russian Blue and British Shorthair for more than 30 years under the cattery name Fieldmoon. She has been a CFA judge since 2011.
Finally, each year at the February board meeting, all Approved and Approval Pending judges are presented to the Board for relicensing. All Approved and Approval Pending judges in good standing were relicensed.
The CFA Judging Program continues to appreciate the efforts of our breeders and exhibitors, and handle, evaluate and present the most beautiful cats in the world!
CFA Clubs
Carol Krzanowski
CFA Club Membership Committee Chair

The following clubs were accepted at the February 5, 2022 CFA Board meeting:

1. Exotics Fans Club, International Division - Asia; Ma On Shan, Hong Kong
2. Hong Kong Cats, International Division - Asia; Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
3. Hong Kong Devon Rex Society - International Division - Asia; Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong
4. Starboard Cat Club - Region 8; Nagoya, Japan

CFA Show Rules
Monte Phillips
CFA Show Rules Chair

At the February Board meeting, the Board reviewed all of the rules exemptions currently in place and determined which ones would be extended into the 2022-2023 show season, which starts April 29, 2022. The following show rule exemptions were extended into 2022-2023:
  1. Show Rule 3.13 was waived to allow up to 50% guest judges, excluding regions 1-8. That is, if your show is in the International Division or Europe (region 9), you can have up to 50% guest judges for your show.
  2. The exemption to Show Rule 4.03 continues for the 2022-2023 season so that cancelled shows during the 2022-2023 show season do not count against a club's traditional date.
  3. The exemption to show rule 28.04b modifying the requirements to obtain the grand title in the International Division outside of China was extended to the 2022-2023 show season. The exemption requires 75 points for the Grand Champion title, and 25 points for the Grand Premier title only in the International Division outside of China.
In addition to the above exemption extensions, the Board also passed two show rule changes that are permanent and take effect at the beginning of the new show season. Specifically:
Article XXXVI - National/Regional/Divisional Awards Program - Regional Awards, was revised to institute a point minimum requirement for a regional award. Specifically, 200 points for Championship, 100 points for kittens, 100 points for premiership, and 50 points for Household Pets.
Also, Article XXXVI - International Division Awards - was revised to scrap the current determination of awards in each Divisional Area based on rings held and replace it with a point minimum requirement, with a maximum of 25 awards in any one Divisional Area. The point minimums were set at 200 points for Championship, 100 points for kittens or premiership, and 50 points for companion cats (formerly household pets).
Again, just a reminder that the current show season ends with the weekend of April 23-24, 2022; and the next show season (2022-2023) starts the following weekend of April 30-May 1. In traditional show date space, this is a free weekend, the first weekend of May for traditional show dates is the weekend of May 7-8, 2022.
CFA Marketing and Outreach
Desiree Bobby, Director
Nicole Turk, Social Media Coordinator
Teresa Keiger, Creative Director

Pride in Our Tribe

The Breed of the Week / Breed Preservation campaign coordinated by Nicole Turk on Facebook and Instagram has been very well received by our community. We regularly receive kudos and more ideas to build upon our current content and Nicole works very hard to make all the posts attractive, informative, and enjoyable. Please support all her hard work by commenting on and sharing her posts.
The campaign has turned into a fascinating collaboration of ideas. One of the most popular ideas was for a way for our breeders/exhibitors to also have a voice in the campaign utilizing photos of their own cats. Mark Hannon created a prototype for this and in collaboration with Teresa Keiger, 414 images are now available for your use. There are nine (9) Support Preservation Breeders statements available for each breed and can be downloaded at: www.cfa.org/BrandFiles.  

We haven’t forgotten our Companion Cat/Household Pets! We’ve also created nine different images to express your love for your non-pedigreed cat and to show everyone that CFA celebrates ALL cats!
We ask that if you use any of these templates, please ensure that you are displaying a beautifully clean photo of good quality. A photo that has poor pixelation, blurring, background clutter or a halo around the cat due to poor editing may often go overlooked by someone taking photos but can be obvious to its viewers. Please choose your photos carefully and ensure the cat is clean, does not have a dirty face or ears and is free of eye debris.
CFA Judges' Association
Wendy Heidt

Not to toot our own horns, but CFA judges are some of the best in the world. The Judges Code of Ethics, CFA Show Rules, Judging Rules, and current social media guidelines are the written structure as to why our judges are the best.

The preamble for the code of ethics state: CFA Judges are Ambassadors for CFA to the cat fancy and public. A CFA judge must embody and project unwavering integrity, dedication and ethical behavior that protects the reputation of fair, honest and educated judging.

Article 6 in the show rules has several passages about which cats are eligible for entry of a show. These give support to Fairness. Pre-knowledge of entries to a show where a judge is to preside gives the perception of unfairness. This can be done in a manner that was not meaning to be unfair but can give that impression. It can be a simple statement “I will see you in two weeks with my girl, who just needs 5 points” or “I am bringing a new exhibitor I sold a cat to the show next week”. If heard by others or not, both statements give the impression of unfair advantage.

Our judges would not want to tell any exhibitor that they needed to absent their cat since they had prior knowledge of an entry to a show they are judging.

The Social Media Guidelines state: Do not put yourself in a position where you give the impression that you have given up your impartiality.

This is a simple reminder to be mindful when talking with judges. We are all ambassadors of CFA and the hobby we love.
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger, Editor
Cat Talk Goes Digital Only

By now, many readers have heard that at the CFA February board meeting, the CFA BOD approved the motion to unbundle Cat Talk and ePoints/eCat (formerly, the Online Almanac, which was moved to eCat.cfa.org some time ago), move Cat Talk to a digital platform, and reduce the pricing for both Cat Talk (to $20/year) and eCat (to $25/year). Most readers are aware that print is an expensive medium to produce.
The good news for Cat Talk readers (and yet-to-be readers):
  • The yearly subscription is now half the price, making it affordable to purchase for yourself or for a friend.
  • Our readers outside of the US can now easily and affordably subscribe to Cat Talk. (it's been available via Magzter for some time and will continue to be but people either have not taken advantage of it, or it is not available to their area. Its price on that platform will also be $20.)
Digital subscriptions are available at https://catalog.cfa.org/cattalk-almanac.shtml

For readers who still have issues remaining via the Cat Talk/eCat package, Central Office will has contacted you to see towards which publication you would like to extend your remaining credit.

In Other News

Feline reporting and administration never ends! And with continued news about cats we need more writers and copy editors! This will be even more important as we grown into a larger world market as Cat Talk relies on it entire staff for article ideas.
Writers: Write what you know about best! Most of our writers have an area of specialty that they write about. This can be on an ongoing basis or ongoing contributing writer.
Copy editors: Do you have great proofreading and editing skills? Can you markup in Word and pdf commenting? Want a sneak peek at upcoming issues?
All staff members get a free Cat Talk subscription, and a lot of camaraderie!

Want to work with a fun, friendly group of cat nerds? Let me know

ISO Story Input
It's a cat "fact of life" that when one has intact cats of different breeds that nature sometimes takes its own course - and it's not what you as a breeder planned! Iris Zinck is finalizing an article on "oops!" breedings and still has room for a couple of stories. Please contact her if you have an accidental breeding story to share.
CFA Program News
CFA Foundation
Karen Lawrence

In keeping with the Feline Historical Museum’s motto of “embracing the history, preserving the past”, we are proud to announce that there is another historical breed book on the horizon.
The next book in the Alchemy of Cat Breed Series, a collaboration of The CFA Foundation and The Harrison Weir Collection will be The American Shorthair; the early history and development of the American Shorthair breed of cat. Cover artwork is by the very talented Chuck Hoppe, from an original photo by David Macias.
An original, unpublished manuscript written by the late breed historian, Valerie Anne Edwards, has been updated and enhanced by Karen Lawrence and Gayle Hand. Not only have over 200 photos been added to the manuscript, but additional details and chapters about influential cats and breeders throughout the history of the American Shorthair breed are also included. Exhaustive research has been conducted through early cat magazines and antique books for interesting details about early breeding programs. Several chapters contain information about individual breeders and rarely-seen photos of their cats. An entire chapter is devoted to the historical data related to each specific color/pattern of the American Shorthair.
The book recognizes those American Shorthairs who have achieved high honors in CFA's season ending National Wins in a chapter devoted to them. We also included a look at American Shorthairs overseas, plus there’s a complete listing of those cats who have achieved the Distinguished Merit status in CFA, and lastly, the Pedigrees and Progeny chapter features fifty outstanding cats, recognized for their contributions to the American Shorthair gene pool. The Addendum includes reprints of CFA Yearbook and Cat Fanciers' Almanac breed articles, courtesy of CFA.
A $10.00 USD deposit will reserve a copy for you!
Scheduled for publication in the spring of 2022, you can reserve your copy now. Anticipated book price will be $50.00. When the book is published, you will be notified regarding the balance owing. The purchaser will be expected to prepay S&H fees. World-wide shipping available (note Australia currently has a package embargo.)
To reserve your copy please contact Karen Lawrence (catfanrep@gmail.com) or Gayle Hand (gayle.hand@frontier.com). PayPal payment in US Funds to catfanrep@gmail.com is preferred. Deposits are non-refundable.
This book would not have been possible without support for the CFA Foundation, the Feline Historical Museum, and its amazing library. The magazine archives date back as early as 1909. With over 8,000 books in the library, dating back to 1872, this resource is a gold mine of information about cats.
Legislation - What's Hot...
Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Sharon Coleman, CFA Legislative Legal Analyst
Norway’s Unethical Breeding Case and the
Revision of Animal Ordinances in Houston, Texas

Of brief note in the article is a recent case adjudicated in the Oslo District Court of Norway ruled on the issue of whether breeding English Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels was ethical. In the U.S., Houston, Texas, quietly passes significant revisions to its animal ordinance on an emergency basis that has been in place for all ordinances for more than six years! This practice denies residents a second opportunity to comment and raise questions within a formal hearing that exists under normal operational proceedings. Those changes include mandatory microchipping, hold time reduction, community cat programs, and a retail pet store ban.

Recent CFA Legislative Group Blog Posts:
What's Hot………… 2022 Ushers in the New and Out the Old: States in Session this Year and a Recap of 2021 Bills (CO, CT, HI, IL, MA, NH, NY, OK, TN, and UT)
Please report legislation happenings in your area to the Legislative Group – legislation@cfa.org  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
EveryCat Health Foundation
submitted by Virginia Rud
A list of our honored donors for the month of January is available here
Save the Date!
Mark your calendars for Health Breakthroughs for Every Cat: FIP and Beyond!

EveryCat Health Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine is hosting a feline-specific health symposium July 8th and 9th, 2022 at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Vanguard topics, including FIP updates, will be presented and discussed. RACE credits, pending approval, will be available to veterinary professionals. Presented as a hybrid event, this event will also be open to the public, and include opportunities to engage with speakers, researchers, and other prominent veterinary professionals in the world of feline medicine. In-person enrollment will be limited to 150, on a first come, first served basis.

Registration is expected to open in early March 2022.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available. For more information, contact Virginia at vrud@everycat.org

Tax Tips with George Eigenhauser

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to numerous changes in tax law as well as affecting the incomes and expenses of many taxpayers. Now that income tax season is upon us it is a good time to review the amount of income taxes being withheld from your paycheck. If you owe too much money when you file your return you may face penalties and interest for underpayment. If you received a larger than expected refund that may be good news and bad news. While there is no penalty for overpayment you may be losing income by letting the government hold your money, interest-free, throughout the year. You may wish to lower your withholding and have more take-home available now. As you prepare your income tax return you should make note of your circumstances and be prepared to adjust your withholding accordingly. You should also review your withholding if you have a new job, new side “gig”, marriage, divorce, a new dependent, or other significant changes in your life. The IRS has a free tax tool to help you determine the proper withholding amounts for your paycheck: https://www.irs.gov/paycheck-checkup. As you file your income taxes for 2021 you should review your withholding amounts. Proper withholding can avoid interest and penalties for underpayment. If you are over-withholding you can decrease the amounts withheld and increase the size of your paycheck so you may enjoy your money sooner.
Corporate Affiliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at www.motel6.com/en/cp/cfa.html or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Budget Car Rental
Discount Code # #U285933
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CFA Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy, Regional Director
No report this month
Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Region 2 started off February with a fabulous show in Seaside, OR. Seaside is a beautiful coastal town that is a very popular tourist attraction in the Summertime. Emerald Cat Club moved the show date to February this year, doing a joint show with Seattle Cat Club.
The spectator gate was enormous! Possibly the best we have seen at this venue. It was a joint advertising venture that brought spectators from around the area. One of the big draws was the costume contest.
We also had two grand of distinctions! GC NW Wil-O-Glen’s El Primo, bred by Carolyn Osier and shown and owned by Cindy & Leonard Walker. El Primo is a beautiful cinnamon Abyssinian alter. (right)
Also in the grand of distinction category is GC RW Rumrunner Curacao, a gorgeous blue tabby Persian alter. Rumrunner is bred and owned by Lia Greendale. (left)

All in all a terrific show!
Region 3
Paula Noble, Regional Secretary

While shows have picked up in frequency, they’ve definitely had their share of challenges. COVID-19 in its numerous variants is still around and affecting our shows. Mother nature also continues to challenge the success of a show. This occurred recently with the annual Wichita, KS show at our long-time facility The Cotillion.
Winter storm Landon really wreaked havoc with this show. Between causing some judges flights to be cancelled and last-minute scrambling to get replacement judges and very challenging driving conditions for many exhibitors, we still had the show supported by exhibitors and our ever-present Wichita community. Many of the visitors to this show come year after year and have become friends many of us only get to see once a year. I know the Wichita Fancy Club sincerely appreciated EVERYONE who helped this be a successful show.

Everyone stay safe and healthy!!
Region 4
John Colilla, Regional Director

Cleveland Persian Show January 15-16, 2022
Written by Renee Fraley

The 104th Cleveland Persian Society show is in the wraps. This show was held at the Canton Cultural Center in Canton, OH. The new show hall is spacious with convenient parking, and all the cats shined under the natural light.

CPS went out of their way to give exhibitors a great show by providing free coffee, donuts, cake each morning, delicious food from the food truck, an amazing raffle with several gift cards, and several monetary prizes throughout the weekend, with $104 (for their 104th show) being the grand prize.
Exhibitors also appreciated the large rosettes. As with NE Ohio January weather, show management decided to start the show at 8 am on Sunday so everyone could get on their way before the snow storm began, and judging ended by 2 pm. CPS thanks everyone for supporting their show...great venue, great food, super judges, and the Best Exhibitors on the Planet. Photo credit: Teddy Lilly, BeaknPaw.
Midwest Persian Tabby January 22-23, 2022
Written by Sabrina Grisier

The Midwest Persian Tabby Fancier's presented a 10 ring show on January 22/23, 2022. The club was thrilled with the support of the exhibitors that entered and ventured to Monroe, Michigan! Once again, we were at the Monroe County Community College gymnasium, which provides a great open space, fantastic lighting, and a beautifully clean facility.

  This was an exhibitor only show, and allowed us to visit more with our fellow cat fanciers. The club provided an fun assortment of cat patterned masks at the door. The professional caterer offered great food to keep us fed, and ready to run to a ring.
  The decorations celebrated Michigan area sports teams; The Detroit Tigers, Michigan State Spartans, Detroit Lions, University of Michigan, and the Detroit Pistons. Our fantastic judges got into the spirit by donning team hats and being our quarterbacks, pitchers, or goalies for the day.

  Beautiful ribbon rosettes were awarded to each of the divisions, and many exhibitors commented on how nice it was to receive them. One happy winner went home with her share of the $500 plus, 50/50 raffle!
The award for the Highest Scoring Persian Tabby went to GRC Debo's Darker Shade-Of-Magic, owners Patti & Tim DeBiasse. Congratulations to all!
Many of these same Michigan club members will be hosting through JCIA, our next show on April 9 & 10 in Bowling Green, Ohio. We hope to give you all another great show!

Sabrina Grisier & Debbie Allgire
Co- Show Mangers
Region 5
Howard Webster, Regional Director

No report this month - Happy Valentine's Day from Region 5!
Region 6
Candilee Jackson, Regional Secretary
Jan 29-30 – Saintly City Cat Club – St. Paul MN

1. We had challenges producing the show, including replacing three judges and learning about the vaccination or Covid test mandate at almost the last minute. Despite this, the show closed with 179 entries and top 15 in Championship.
2. Geordi La Forge, owned by Leanne Froebel was crowned HHP King and Liza Mewnelli, owned by Ann & Larry Donovan was crowned Queen.
3. We have a new local member in the Twin City Cat Fanciers’ club. She is an absolute delight and the sort of member all clubs need a bunch of. She spent Friday afternoon at the showhall helping with all kinds of tasks. What really made my heart sing is that her Blue British Shorthair kitten was the highest scoring kitten in the show. She is so very humble about her wins that it makes you love her more. Her name is Helen Sevig. I don’t know how much information you want to present about a cat that is currently competing, but I just wanted to share the success of a NewBee.
Region 7
Kenny Currle, Regional Director

Star City/Central Carolina Cat Fanciers held their annual show on Jan. 22-23 in Roanoke, VA. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend and show attendance was good. The local spectators are always enthusiastic about this show, and were excited to see all of the cats. It was also exciting to see so many new/relatively new exhibitors at the show.
These two young people were so excited about the cat show that they attended in their cat costumes and had a GREAT time!
Region 8
Yukiko Hayata, Regional Director
On February 6, we had the Japan Dancing Cat Club show at Yokohama Industry & Trade Center in the snow. There was a big snowstorm in northern and western Japan. Exhibitors from the west Japan area were worried about if Shinkansen bullet train would stop because of the large snow around Hikone. Fortunately all exhibitors from west Japan could arrive safety. The entry was pretty good, 91 cats.

The club prepared many presents - handmade cat beds for exhibitors. Fortunately, the new and young exhibitors got lovely beds. There were also several vendors for exhibitors. Exhibitors enjoyed this show so much. 
We have a pleasant traditional ceremony at February 3 all over Japan called “Setsubun.” On the day of Setsubun, people scatter roasted soybeans to drive out devils or evil spirit with the words “Devils out!” and to drive in soybeans with the words “Luck come in!“ Then people have to eat same number of roasted soybeans as their age. We need to have it again so that we can have healthy and happy days in this year!
Region 9
Pam DelaBar, Regional Director
The 44 Gatti show was held in San Genesio, Italy on 22-23 January 2022. I'm happy to share a few photos from this show!
CFA allbreed judge Nadejda Rumyantseva with clerk Marina Ivanitskaya.
CFA double specialty judge Teo Vargas and his clerk Cristiano Perillo Marcone
And what a wonderful sight to see - a full show hall with wonderful cats and kittens!

No reports this month

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Teresa Keiger
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